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They can say the word but can they explain what it means? The “illusion of explanatory depth”

The use of a particular word can support children’s communication about their understanding of natural phenomena and sometimes obscure the amount or depth of their understanding. A full day preschool class of 4-year-old children explored the use of motion in creating art over several weeks. They began by pouring, dripping, and flinging paints of various […]

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 The Elementary (& PreK) Extravaganza, at NSTA19 St. Louis

Plan your strategy for getting the most out the 2 hours you have to access the 100+ presenters, each at their own table, in the Elementary Extravaganza (EE) at the NSTA annual conferences. Have you seen the loooong list of presenters!!!? Each will have their own table for materials. This year the EE will take […]

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The Week of the Young Child is April 8-12, 2019

The Week of the Young Child is sponsored by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC), beginning in 1971, to recognize the foundational early childhood years from birth through age 8. During this week, plan to make science explorations part of the celebration during this week. Share your plans on the NAEYC […]

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On teaching life cycles of living things

The changes living organisms go through fascinate us (and sometimes freak us out) even if we’ve seen the process before. Early childhood educators especially feel this because every day we come to work we are fascinated by the development and growth in the children we work with. In the spring, seasonal changes in plants and […]

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Dreaming of spring and preparing to garden with young children

Before the weather really warms up in your area, take children for a nature walk and together document through drawing or photography the plants that are beginning to bud out with leaves or flowers. Spring doesn’t begin at the moment the first daffodil blooms—the flowers of a maple tree may be budding months before. The […]

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Engaging Young Learners in the Practices of Science – Starting with Questions about Earthworms

Welcome to guest blogger Margaret Egan who has dual roles at Tuckahoe Elementary School in Arlington, VA: Outdoor Learning Coordinator and S.T.E.A.M. Teacher. She is a National Board Certified teacher with master’s degrees in both science and education, and has worked as a naturalist and environmental scientist before becoming a teacher. This background facilitates her efforts […]

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Why We Shouldn’t Keep “Bugs” in a Drawer

Guest blogger Monica Dolan is the STEM Curriculum Coordinator at The Children’s Center at CalTech where she works as a liaison between the administration and the teaching staff to ensure curriculum plans are consistent with the center’s conceptual STEM based approach. This early childhood program sponsors an annual Early Childhood STEM conference, ECSTEM. Monica also works closely […]

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Engineering in early childhood continues

Engineering was celebrated last week but it continues to happen spontaneously, and with teachers’ support, in early childhood settings. Engineering happens when young children try to solve a problem by designing and testing a solution. They use a stick to dig and sculpt a hole, maneuver a block to stand on to reach a desired […]

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Sensory play for science learning

Children and people of all ages continually explore and learn through their senses. Prior experiences that build understanding of how we use our senses to learn about the world are the foundation for understanding the Next Generation Science Standards Disciplinary Core Ideas. Some children seek out specific experiences such as the two-year-old who would enthusiastically […]

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Too cold? Observing animals in winter

With very cold weather settling into many areas, children’s outdoor time may be restricted due to temperature and wind chill limits set relative to the temperature ranges normally experienced in their area. ChildCare Aware of North Dakota’s guidelines include: Outdoor play is recommended when temperature/wind chill is 15 degrees F or above. Use caution when […]

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