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Resource: Helping children rebound after a natural disaster

The ChildCareExchange’s daily newsletter, the ExchangeEveryDay, sent out a message about the free Teaching Strategies booklets on Helping Young Children Rebound After a Natural Disaster, one for teachers of infants and toddlers, and one for teachers of preschool age children. Thank you to Teaching Strategies author Cate Heroman and mental health expert Jenna Bilmes for these resources.

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Science of natural disasters, for young children

An earthquake (my first ever experienced), the edge of hurricane Irene’s winds, and unending rain (over 10 inches in the last  two weeks) brought flooding, downed trees, and rampant fungus growth—is this an auspicious beginning to fall? One nearby county has already had an “excessive precipitation” day (not due to snow, the roads were flooded).

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