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Differentiating for an “Out of This World” Student

I have one student whose knowledge of Earth and space exceeds the other students in class. I feel like I just keep giving him more work, more extension activities, and I think he is getting frustrated. Do you have any suggestions for how to deal with this? How do I grade this kind of assignment? […]

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Differentiated instruction in science

I am a science specialist and I teach students in first through fifth grades. My school is becoming the resource room building in the district. I expect to have large class sizes, 25–30 students, with mixed ability levels. I could have as many as 12 special education students in one class. I’d like to try […]

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You know your session is successful when…

…audience members are hanging around, talking with each other and the presenters for 20+ minutes after the session is over. That’s what happened when three teachers from Denver CO described their efforts to “de-track” their science classes. Bonnie LaFleur, Matthew Anthes-Washburn, and Nathan Glover noted that a key component is differentiated instruction. They’re collecting data […]

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Different strokes for different … students

Educators with experience in differentiated instruction will share their techniques with you at the NSTA National Conference in Philadelphia.

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Differentiated instruction

Consider the facility that students have with electronic communications and games. They somehow had to “learn” how to use these tools and figure out the rules and strategies of the games. But I heard some teachers talking about how “students do not want to learn.” The evidence the teachers had for their statement was their […]

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