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The Next Generation Science Standards: a transformational opportunity

The Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) and A Framework for K–12 Science Education articulate a beautiful vision for students. The overarching goal of the standards is a coherent and rigorous science education for all students, enabling them to be critical consumers of science and attain the scientific literacy necessary to be informed citizens able to […]

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Supporting children’s interests

As we take a nature walk on the paths through a large garden area tended by church members, the children always want to “go to the pond.” This body of water is an 8’ by 10’ pool with pump-circulated water flowing from a raised area. We watch the flow, bubbles and talk about the fine […]

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Science is not optional

Should science instruction before grade 3 be eliminated to make more time in the school day for Language Arts and Math instruction? That question has energized the NSTA General Science email list in recent days. It was raised by a science teacher asking for research on the question so he can guide a study committee […]

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