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Chrome-Plated Activities

Do you have any suggestions on how to use Chromebooks in middle school for more than just watching videos and reviewing material? —A., Indiana   The real power of computer technology for a science classroom is in graphics, communication, calculations, creativity, and interactivity. Simulations like those at https://phet.colorado.edu/ allow you to augment lessons that would […]

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Adding More STEM to the School Day

Schools seeking to enhance students’ learning of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) are adopting in-school STEM enrichment programs that reach student populations in need of additional learning opportunities, connect students with scientists, and/or provide more challenging curriculum.

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Science and art

I must say that I really enjoyed this issue. Helping students see the connections and relationships between science and other subjects and interests is a wonderful part of being a teacher. Illustrations, diagrams, field sketches, photographs, videography, and performances are relevant ways for students to explore connections between science and art and authentic opportunities to […]

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Scientifically creative

I’ve been reading about the revised Bloom’s taxonomy, with “creating” now being at the top. The examples I saw for this level included things such as posters, puppet shows, songs and dances, or skits. These may be enjoyable for younger students, but I can’t really see my high school chemistry students spending time on these. […]

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Science and creativity

Recently, the ISTE Connects blog had a discussion How do you teach creativity? in response to the recent Newsweek article The Creativity Crisis. We often think of creativity in terms of the arts, but I had a great conversation with a colleague on what creativity would look like in science. I’m not sure we can […]

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