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Adding More STEM to the School Day

Schools seeking to enhance students’ learning of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) are adopting in-school STEM enrichment programs that reach student populations in need of additional learning opportunities, connect students with scientists, and/or provide more challenging curriculum.

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Science and art

I must say that I really enjoyed this issue. Helping students see the connections and relationships between science and other subjects and interests is a wonderful part of being a teacher. Illustrations, diagrams, field sketches, photographs, videography, and performances are relevant ways for students to explore connections between science and art and authentic opportunities to […]

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Scientifically creative

I’ve been reading about the revised Bloom’s taxonomy, with “creating” now being at the top. The examples I saw for this level included things such as posters, puppet shows, songs and dances, or skits. These may be enjoyable for younger students, but I can’t really see my high school chemistry students spending time on these. […]

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Science and creativity

Recently, the ISTE Connects blog had a discussion How do you teach creativity? in response to the recent Newsweek article The Creativity Crisis. We often think of creativity in terms of the arts, but I had a great conversation with a colleague on what creativity would look like in science. I’m not sure we can […]

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