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Helping Students Develop Perseverance

While some people use the terms “perseverance” and “grit” interchangeably, David Upegui, science teacher at Central Falls High School in Central Falls, Rhode Island, has a different view.

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Students Collaborate Worldwide on Science, Engineering

 It’s an international effort that may be unique: Students in the United States and Canada are working together to design 3D–printed, portable, battery-powered, rechargeable lanterns that students in Uganda and the Dominican Republic, who do not have reliable access to electricity, will field test. This isn’t an act of charity, it’s a “global collaboration to […]

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Students as peer-editors (p. 2)

A previous question from a teacher related to using the peer-editing process in science class. Jaime Gratton follows up with a summary of her experiences: I would love to share what I did. I also received some responses and helpful resources from members of the NSTA email lists. For example, Jani replied with “My favorite […]

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Students as peer-editors

My students are working on research papers about inventions or chemical processes set mostly during the Industrial Revolution. I was wondering if you had any suggestions about peer editing. —Jaime, Goffstown, New Hampshire Examining and commenting on each other’s writing can be a meaningful learning experience for students. By looking at others’ writing, students can […]

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Motivating and engaging students

“The most engaging tool of all is an enthusiastic teacher who provides high, clear expectations and connects with students on a personal level. Good teaching is good teaching, even today.” This quote from the Editor’s Corner sums up what has always been true, regardless of the current distractions and free-time options that students have. Who […]

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Collaboration and learning

Did you see this article from Education Week shared on NSTA’s Facebook page? Study: Interactive Tools Matter More Than Teaching Methods The article has more details, but basically in the 12th week of the semester, a college physics class was divided up. For the next week (3 hours of instruction), one section continued the lecture […]

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Video conferencing

My colleagues and I would like to try some collaborative projects between elementary and secondary students. Our buildings are not close, so in-person events are impossible during the school day. Do you have any suggestions for projects involving students from different grade levels? —Cindy, Roswell, Georgia I’ve always envied school districts with facilities close enough […]

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The power of data

In her session on “Unleashing the Power of Data,” Nancy Love said cultural proficiency—knowing about and understanding different cultures—is key to interpreting data about science learning. “A child is not a number”—this fact is easy to forget when examining data, she observed. Love used this image to illustrate the huge gap that can exist between data on student learning and interpretation of […]

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