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Helping traumatised students

I am currently reading a book about childhood trauma in the classroom. How do we as teachers help students who have had a traumatic experience? — A., Iowa I discovered the biggest hole in my teacher preparation when, after 25 years of teaching, a tragedy outside of school deeply affected students in my classroom. I had […]

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I understand that confidence comes with experience, but I was wondering if you have any tricks or tips that helped you become more confident as a teacher? – J., Ohio To calm my own nerves, I would remind myself: No one expects perfection. Just be reflective of your lessons and interactions with students. I was […]

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Small problems

I will be student teaching in a school with small classes – between 6 and 12 students. I find this to be challenging. Any suggestions or advice? — M., Kansas     I have had a few small classes in my career and I found them to be great opportunities to delve deeply into topics, […]

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Keep it grounded. Keep it real.

I’ve been teaching science for three years. My students seem to see science as an abstract subject and have trouble imagining it. How can I help my students appreciate the lessons more with limited time and resources? —R., Philippines   I think the way to teach science with less abstraction is to ground your lessons […]

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Ed News: Federal STEM Education Programs Lack Coordination, Watchdog Finds

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This week in education news, GAO finds federal STEM education programs lack coordination; Juneau School District considers teaching climate change; teaching kids not to be afraid of math might help them achieve; virtual dissection provides high school students with as real an experience with the body and its workings as they can get; new report […]

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I’m a new teacher and I can’t believe how ragged I feel—I seem to be just barely ahead of the class. I have lessons that are not going to plan and I feel like I’m just running around non-stop. Please help! —W., Virginia This is probably no surprise to anyone in the first months of teaching: […]

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“Leading From the Classroom”: Featured Strand at NSTA’s 2014 National Conference on Science Education in Boston, MA, April 3–6

This April, the National Science Teachers Association (NSTA) will feature a special strand “Leading From the Classroom” at our 2014 National Conference on Science Education, in Boston, April 3–6. Can you be a classroom teacher and a leader? Yes! You grow professionally throughout your career, and as you do, you see opportunities to improve science […]

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