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Just in Time: The New Science Teacher’s Handbook

As a new science teacher, your first year of teaching is well underway. You’ve been facing the challenges that all new teachers face—learning your students’ names, how to manage your classroom, the best ways to engage your students, and how to account to your administrators for all that you do. But science teachers face other […]

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Ask the students

I’m trying to incorporate more inquiry activities into my fourth and fifth grade science classes. The students seem to enjoy them, and I can tell from talking to them and reviewing their notebook entries that they are learning content and skills. However , my principal has noted to me that students were off-task during his […]

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Classroom Science: Finding the Right Balance Between Supervision and Curious Experimentation

A recent Huffington Post article (Kiera Wilmot, 16, Arrested And Expelled For Explosive ‘Science Experiment’) has drawn quite a bit of attention from our readers. And it certainly got our attention as well. The National Science Teachers Association promotes excellence and innovation in science teaching for all, and we value the need for supervision and […]

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Including Students With Disabilities in Advanced Science Classes

The 2013 National Science Foundation (NSF) report Women, Minorities, and Persons With Disabilities in Science and Engineering indicates that “U.S. citizens and permanent residents earned higher numbers of science and engineering (S&E) doctorates in 2009 than they did in 1999. Since 2008, they’ve earned more doctorates in S&E fields than in non-S&E fields.” In 2010, the […]

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Arranging a science classroom

I’m student teaching now at an elementary school, and I want to emphasize science. In the classrooms I observe, I see many different layouts and arrangements, but what is the best way to organize a classroom? When I get my own classroom, where do I start? —Alexander,  Albuquerque, New Mexico I’ve been in dozens of […]

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Assessments for learning

During the past few years, this blog has addressed several questions about formative assessments. These just-in-time assessments embedded in instruction help a teacher understand what students are learning, identify misconceptions, and adjust instruction as needed. These assessments are an integral part of instruction, not an add-on or special event. These informal (and often ungraded) assessments […]

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(Dis)organized students

My middle school students this year are very scatterbrained. It seems to take forever for them to get focused at the beginning of class and to find the materials they need when I ask for them during class. When it’s time to get into groups for a lab activity, there is a lot of commotion. […]

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Bell-to-bell learning

I was recently at a workshop where the presenter used the term “bell-to-bell teaching.” As a student teacher, I was embarrassed to ask what this means. —Cory, Mobile, Alabama Teachers can’t control the length of the class periods, but they can control how they use the time they have. The goal should be to maximize […]

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“Distractions” in the classroom

I’m having some classroom management problems in my middle school science classes. I think the classroom itself provides many distractions and contributes to the problem. My middle-school students sit at lab tables, facing each other.  Their chairs spin, they are able to open the drawers and put trash in, they can turn on the sinks, […]

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On being a “cooperating” teacher: The greatest lesson ever

In a previous blog on student teaching, Christina Atton reflected on her student teaching in science. Her cooperating teacher, Ms. Chevin Stone (from Donald E. Gavit MS/HS in Hammond, IN), shares her experiences as Christina’s cooperating teacher. When my principal emailed asking for a volunteer to work with a student teacher in a science classroom, […]

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