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Bringing the outdoors indoors.

How do you achieve the full concept of bringing the outdoors, indoors? How do you make sure your students are getting the most out of it? How do you transition smoothly where you do not lose any student’s attention? — K., Louisiana   I love teaching outdoors! Part of the problem you face is the […]

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Vision and Leadership

I have applied to multiple teaching programs for my time after college, but I’m worried that I look too young to be taken seriously as a teacher. How do you gain the respect of students who may not be much younger than you? —D., California If you are thinking of teaching at the elementary or middle […]

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Classroom supplies

I will start teaching in an elementary school this year. When I looked in what will be my future my classroom, but I didn’t see supplies or equipment for teaching science. What can I do now? –  —G., Michigan Describe the situation to your principal before you panic. There may be a central storeroom or […]

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Planning for a substitute

I’m preparing for my first year as a science teacher. I’ve heard I should have a folder for a substitute teacher, but I’m not sure what should be in it besides a lesson plan. —H., Georgia Good substitutes deserve respect as professional colleagues and can ease your mind when you’re away. Ask your mentor or […]

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Managing lesson time

As a beginning science teacher, I have issues with time management. Some days a lesson I thought would take the entire class period doesn’t. Other activities take longer than I planned. How do teachers handle this?  —D., Vermont It’s a challenge for science teachers to design activities and investigations that fit into our allotted time. […]

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Observing students as an assessment

As part of a science methods class, we’ve been assigned to create an observation tool to assess students. I’ve seen many articles and suggestions online for helping students become good observers and tools for administrators to use when observing teachers. But I haven’t seen much on teachers observing students. What can I assess by watching […]

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Connecting with students

I’ve recently switched from a self-contained sixth-grade classroom to a middle school science position where I meet with five different classes each day. I find it challenging to connect with students the way I used to when I had the same students all day. —Jessie, Seattle, Washington I remember a time my principal called into […]

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Lab management

My colleague and I are early–career science teachers at a middle school. Rather than our reinventing the wheel, do you have any suggestions how to make lab days run more smoothly, especially at the beginning and end of the class? –Sean, Oakland, California To ensure lab periods run smoothly (and safely), planning and preparation are […]

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Getting a grip on grading

I feel overwhelmed by the grading process. It seems like I spend most of my waking hours grading homework, lab reports, tests, quizzes, notebooks, and projects. I teach two science courses at the high school and meet 150 students every day.  What can I do to use my time better and meet the deadlines? —Stacy, […]

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“Teaching Elementary Science with Confidence!”: Featured Strand at NSTA’s 2014 National Conference on Science Education in Boston, MA, April 3–6

This April, the National Science Teachers Association (NSTA) will feature a special strand “Teaching Elementary Science with Confidence!” at our 2014 National Conference on Science Education, in Boston, April 3–6. With limited time, resources, and opportunities to learn science, elementary teachers sometimes find teaching science within the school day to be challenging. There is a […]

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