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Old Tech for New Times

It seems the same students answer my questions and I wonder if they are answering so fast that maybe the other students just need a little more time to think. Any suggestions on how to not deter these types of students from answering while allowing other students to get involved too? – O., Ohio In […]

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Participation “rubric”?

At our next department meeting we’re going to discuss the idea of using a rubric to evaluate students’ class participation. In many of my college classes, participation was a factor in the final grade. I’m wondering about using this measure with younger students. —Monica, Ann Arbor, Michigan I’ve seen many rubrics that focus on compliance […]

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Everyone gets a chance

I’ve used some of your suggestions on class participation, but this year I have several fifth-graders who try to monopolize class discussions and often ask questions that are off-topic or beyond the scope of the lesson. Sometimes, I don’t know the answer to their questions. I hate to squelch their enthusiasm for science, but I […]

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