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Ed News: California Close To Adoption Of New Curriculum For NGSS

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This week in education news, LeBron James opens public school in Ohio; Craigslist founder donates $1 million to fund STEM projects on Donors Choose; California close to adoption on new curriculum for NGSS; STEM education has a math anxiety problem; the 2016 National Teacher of the Year won the Democratic primary for an open U.S. […]

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Shanghai video diary

William D. Greene of West Virginia participated in the recent Sino-US Science and Education Forum and has posted this video: Click on the tag below to see more blog posts on this subject.

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A not-so-simple question

With the NSTA delegation to the Sino–US Science and Education Forum back in the U.S., I am sure each member will be asked what I have been asked several times since returning home. “How was China?” This may seem to be a simple question. China is a place of contrasts: the new and the old […]

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Homeward bound

Dr. Christine Royce muses about “time travel” and her recent experiences at the Sino–US Science and Education Forum in Shanghai. Sunday, November 21, 2010 Well, it’s “Back to the Future.” Just as we had all come together in singles, forming groups of two or three, so did we disperse. Due to different flights, we met […]

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Old and “old” in China

Dr. Christine Royce notes that there is old, and then there is old. And also “old.” China has all three, and the new as well, in a heady mix. Saturday, November 20, 2010 Today we spent the day being “tourists”—and doing all of the things that tourists do—visit sights, shop, eat in good restaurants, shop, […]

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Exploring Shanghai

The final day in Shanghai was busy and we all had to be, as our guide put it, “sticky rice and not loose noodles.” After breakfast we left for the Jade Buddhist Temple, then went on to a silk factory, ate lunch before heading to do some quick shopping in old Shanghai, then off to […]

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Sticky rice vs. loose noodles

Dr. Christine Royce describes her visit to the ancient city of Zouzhuang as a member of the NSTA contingent at the Sino-US Science and Education Forum. Friday, November 19, 2010 “Be like sticky rice … not loose noodle.” You probably think I have lost it by now. What could she possibly be thinking? Well, this […]

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A visit to Zhouzhuang

Today the focus was on history, culture, and some shopping. The delegation went to Zhouzhuang, described in the guide book as an ancient town known for its Venetian-like waterways. Leaving Shanghai took about 50 minutes before the landscape had regular trees with some open space. We traveled 20 more minutes before the landscape became rural. […]

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Conference sessions and school visits

Before I discuss my impressions about the last day of the science educational meetings, I wanted to note an observation about Shanghai. The sense of being disoriented is not nearly as strong as one might guess, and because many signs have English translation, there are many companies, stores and food outlets that I recognize. There […]

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Students, lessons learned, and goals

Dr. Christine Royce reports on another busy day in Shanghai. Thursday, November 18, 2010 Today was the day for students, lessons, and—for me—personal goals. Now, this may sound like the students are those in the classes we teach or observed and you would be correct. However, the word student took on a much more meaningful […]

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