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MEL Chemistry Starter Kit

Introduction The Mel Chemistry Starter Kit is equipped with all the materials needed to conduct beginner type experiments. MEL Chemistry is a subscription service that offers monthly delivery of safe chemistry experiments for kids. The subscription will be most beneficial for those who want to gain more knowledge about science. This beginner science kit is […]

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It’s more than just power, it’s teaching potential: Vernier Go Direct Sensors and Micro USB Charging

Power powers. It’s that simple. With all our digital tools, there is at least one common thread across it all and that is we need a flow of electrons to keep the teaching and learning in high gear. But of course batteries die. There are four common battery solutions in our digital devices. One is […]

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Learn About Argumentation With NSTA Press Author Victor Sampson

Join NSTA Press author Victor Sampson in Orlando for workshops about scientific argumentation.  Scientific Argumentation in Biology Attendees will receive a copy of the book Scientific Argumentation in Biology. Date: Feb. 25, 2015 Place: Marriott Residence Inn Orlando at SeaWorld Registration: 1 Day: $195/per person Visit www.scientificargumentation.com/upcoming-workshops.html to register and learn more about the Scientific […]

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Help Your Students Become Proficient in Science Through Argument-Driven Inquiry

“The new aim of science education in the United States is for all students to become proficient in science by the time they finish high school. The argument-driven inquiry (ADI) instruction model was designed as a way to make lab activities more authentic and educative for students and thus help teachers promote and support the […]

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Learn to engage students in scientific argumentation

In his popular workshops at last week’s NSTA conference in Orlando, Victor Sampson presented tips and strategies for engaging students in scientific argumentation, a key practice of science that helps students master content while they write about and discuss claims and evidence. This month’s Book Beat features classroom activities designed to foster students’ ability to […]

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Cook up science fun this holiday season

December holiday breaks and winter weather can make it difficult to keep students engaged in the classroom. Why not embrace the spirit of the season and rekindle student interest in science by incorporating cooking themes when students already have winter break and food on their minds? In the December 2013 issue of NSTA’s Book Beat […]

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RSC’s Chemistry Week

The RSC’s (Royal Society of Chemistry) Chemistry Week is a themed week of events that is held every two years to promote a positive image of chemistry and increase the public understanding of the importance of chemical science in our everyday lives. This year’s theme is “Health.” Using simple household equipment, students test how much vitamin C […]

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Happy Mole Day!

So – who’s ready for Mole Day? Rather than competing with the commercial hoopla around Halloween, perhaps we science teachers could get a head start on October 23 (10/23) from 6:02 a.m. to 6:02 p.m. The timing of this event celebrates Avogadro’s number — 6.02 * 10^23 This day is used to celebrate the science […]

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Chemistry: Strategies and activities

October — The school year is well underway and it’s the month in which science teachers celebrate Mole Day (so who needs Halloween to have some fun?) It’s also the month for featured articles on chemistry. Theories, Laws, and Hypotheses* should be required reading for all science teachers! Using the gas laws that many of […]

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Learn Chemistry from the RSC

At the NSTA conference this spring, I stopped by the booth sponsored by the Royal Society of Chemistry. They were promoting their newest project: Learn Chemistry.  As a webwatcher for SciLinks, I was familiar with many of their web pages, but the associate explained that this was an attempt to provide access to thousands of […]

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