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Ed News: Is STEM Getting ‘IT’ Right For Female Students?

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This week in education news, New Jersey governor announces new measures to help keep STEM college graduates in the state; more must be do in U.S. schools to increase the number of women represented in STEM careers; teachers need to set professional boundaries; California lawmakers approve bills to increase STEM funding in the state; new […]

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Career of the Month: Evolutionary Psychologist

Evolutionary psychologists analyze human behavior for traits that evolved to increase the odds of survival and reproduction. They may then apply this knowledge to redesign aspects of today’s cultural institutions and practices—such as schools, workplaces, and child rearing—in ways that better align with human nature. Peter Gray is an evolutionary psychologist affiliated with Boston College. […]

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STEM workers in the trades

On OPB radio’s Think Out Loud interview segment, “Examining The Shortage Of Craft Workers In Oregon,” Dave Miller interviews trade industry experts. Listen to Connie Ashbrook, Executive Director of Oregon Tradeswomen, Inc., talk about construction and manufacturing apprenticeship programs, referencing a Brookings Institute report, “The Hidden STEM Economy,” about STEM careers that do not require a […]

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The science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) pipeline: how are we doing?

The pressure has been intense on increasing STEM literacy for K–12 students. What this actually means is not entirely clear since for many STEM literacy is not well defined. When we speak about STEM literacy, does it include all students, or just for some students?  And what part of science, technology, engineering, or mathematics are […]

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Tips for interviews

I’ve applied for several teaching positions, and the thought of an interview (assuming I’m lucky enough to get one) makes me nervous. How should I prepare? What kind of questions will the committee ask? —McKenzie, Columbia, Missouri Having been on both ends of the interview process for faculty and administrative positions—as part of the interview […]

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No—we’re not seeing double. The Science Teacher and Science Scope both have the same theme this month—a double dose of information and ideas on the topic of assessment. Whichever issue you get, I hope you look at the other one for additional ideas from our fellow science educators. I love this cover image. It’s exciting […]

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What do scientists do?

I am really looking forward to this year’s Science & Children journal. Many of us teach with themes or essential questions that focus our instruction, and this year all of the issues of S&C will focus on aspects of using inquiry in the classroom. I would also encourage secondary teachers to browse through the articles […]

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Science Education Leadership

Leaders from diverse constituencies in science education bring their insights and advice together in an important new book from NSTA Press. Science Education Leadership: Best Practices for the New Century discusses how leaders at the local and national levels, from science teachers to district supervisors to university faculty, can forge new paths in the years […]

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Science careers

There was an interesting article recently in eSchool News. Survey: Educators aren’t discussing STEM careers with students reports on a survey of students who basically said that their teachers make the content interesting, but they don’t always make the connection to science and engineering as careers. To access the entire article, you need to subscribe […]

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Latest from NSTA’s online outposts

Lots going on across the spectrum of NSTA’s online outposts. Here’s a quick list of what buzz is happening where: On our “core site” (www.nsta.org): everyone’s gearing up for our National Conference on Science Education this March 17 – 21 in Philadelphia. Write your own declaration of independence and join your fellow educators this March […]

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