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Country Living

My partner and I are thinking of moving to rural North Dakota to teach. I teach high school science while my partner teaches middle school. We would both like to teach in the same district. Do you have any advice on how we should proceed? —A., Missouri   Unpacking your question, I actually see several […]

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Science activities in early childhood prepare for a lifetime of learning

Like learning to count or to read, learning how to do science is a process. Children of all ages benefit from exposure to “science” situations where they are encouraged to fully experience our world, describe what they see, count and record data, ask questions about the experience, repeat the experience, and think and talk about […]

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Starting a new career

I have always loved science – earth and space sciences especially. Although I’ve had a variety of jobs, since I began home schooling, I’ve discovered I absolutely love teaching. I’m thinking about getting my bachelor’s degree in science education, perhaps at an online university. Do you believe this could be a worthwhile career change for […]

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Changing positions

Next year there will be an opening in the middle school science department. Although I love teaching high school chemistry (my current assignment), I’m tempted by the opportunity to try something different. What should I consider to help me decide? Mark, Phoenix, AZ Sometimes our teaching assignments are changed for us, but taking on new […]

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