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Bring a shopping bag!

The exhibit hall is like a science teacher’s paradise! There are so many new things, as well as some tried and true ones. All of the major textbook and trade book publishers are here as well as many of the lab equipment and supply companies. The reps are eager to share their catalogs and demo […]

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SciLinks at the conference

Virginie Chokouanga, the SciLinks database administrator, did a session on using SciLink’s online assignment tool. This tool allows the teacher to create assignments based on the websites in SciLinks. The students can show what they’ve learned. Check out this feature at the SciLinks site.

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March Madness

Is it madness to give away $150,000 worth of science equipment and supplies? No way! Cheryl A. Miller, a high school science department chair from Murrieta, California, was one of four winners in NSTA’s Ultimate Science Giveaway. Miller said winning a slew of prizes donated by exhibitors—including a trip for two to Costa Rica—made the money she spent […]

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Formative assessment probes

Page Keeley, NSTA’s President-Elect, guided us through the use of probes (the written kind, not the electronic ones!) to uncover student’s knowledge and misconceptions about science concepts. She shared several examples of the probes: Ice Cubes in a Bag, The Mirror on the Wall, Is It Food for Plants. She also shared a list of […]

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Shell science seminar

OK, I’ve been to a number of sessions on topics that I’m familiar with. It’s time to stretch my mind and venture into unfamiliar territory to learn something new. Dr. Gibor Basri from Berkeley gave a presentation on The Search for Earth-Sized Planets Around Other Stars. He described NASA’s Kepler mission, designed to search for earth-like […]

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At the NSTA conference bookstore, the current books are on display and available for purchase (but you can get a great bargain – free shipping and no sales tax for orders placed at the conference). I was going to fill out an order blank for the book Using Science Notebooks in Elementary Classrooms after being inspired […]

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Wheel of Fortune

I saw teachers lining up to spin the Fisher Science Education wheel to try for a “grand slam” of prizes, including balances, a forensic entomology kit, and videos. Consolation prizes included mini baseballs and baseball bats.

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Look out for the new Creationism

Eugenie Scott, executive director of the National Center for Science Education, told a packed room of educators that “it is their duty” to step in when they discover a colleague who is teaching creationist theory in a science classroom. Scott detailed the many ways creationists are continuing to denigrate evolution in the wake of the […]

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Always a learning experience

Unfortunately, with hundreds of sessions at a conference this size, not all are going to be terrific. I was at a clunker this morning. The presenter (who shall remain nameless) was not very prepared and really didn’t explain the point very well. But it was a learning experience in what should be done to have […]

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Watch presentations on Ustream

You can watch a few Presentations on Ustream.tv.  Watch and chat with us! Current Presentation Schedule: Eugenie Scott: After Dover: The New Creationism Friday, March 28 3:30–4:30 PM EST Bill Nye: (The Planetary Society Lecture) Planetary Citizenship in the Next Space Age Saturday, March 29 8:30–10:30 AM EST

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