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Acorns for fun in science

This fall there are an abundance of acorns falling from the oak trees in my area. Scientists study oak trees to understand possible reasons why some years larger amounts of acorns are produced than others.  Acorns are free material for early childhood science explorations, with permission from the landowners. A nature walk among trees exposes […]

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Pumpkins inspire investigations

Although astronomical fall for the northern hemisphere begins when the autumnal equinox occurs on or around September 22,   meteorological seasons vary geographically. October may be when your area “really feels like fall.” Does your school or program mark the season by harvesting from your own garden or by visiting a “pumpkin patch”? Pumpkins are an excuse […]

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Chemistry Now: chemistry of changing leaves

Think autumn leaves. OK, sing along now … The falling leeeeaves drift by the windoooow. The autumn leeeeaves of red and goooold … OK, maybe not! Instead, explore why the autumn leaves are red and gold. Use the video Chemistry of Changing Leaves as an introduction to plant leaves and pigments or to connect life […]

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Autumn bits and pieces

Yesterday afternoon was one of those beautiful fall days here in the Northeast—clear blue skies, low humidity, a cool breeze, and leaves starting to change color. So what was I doing? I was logged in to a webinar that was a joint presentation by NSTA and ISTE: Planning for Technology Integration in the Science Classroom […]

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