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The digital textbooks have landed!

The launch of a formal, deliberate, across the board attempt to produce digital textbooks has arrived. Not just digital version of paper texts. Not just .pdf pages mimicking textbooks. Not just webpages trying to walk like a textbook. No, this is a sincere attempt to redefine the concept and use of a textbook firmly planted […]

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Books: cutting the cord

I love books. Not only do they overflow the various bookshelves in my house, but they also fill boxes (and boxes!) tucked away in many of my closets. So naturally I spend most of my conference time in the Science Store. I am the managing editor of NSTA’s book publishing program, and I feel the […]

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At the NSTA conference bookstore, the current books are on display and available for purchase (but you can get a great bargain – free shipping and no sales tax for orders placed at the conference). I was going to fill out an order blank for the book Using Science Notebooks in Elementary Classrooms after being inspired […]

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