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NSTA Press author Victor Sampson presents a webinar on scientific argumentation

Join NSTA Press author Victor Sampson for his webinar “Scientific Argumentation: Helping Students Identify, Evaluate, and Support Claims” (a 2-part course). Use Smithsonian and other published resources to help students judge the quality or reliability of evidence, evaluate scientific claims, and construct scientific arguments. In a live, interactive format, try out an instructional strategy and […]

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Argumentation–respectfully disagreeing when making a scientific claim

Is there an age at which we can expect children to understand that disagreement can be about an idea—not a personal statement of dislike—that they can have a different opinion and still “be friends?” Dr. Amelia Church, Lecturer in Master of Teaching (Early Childhood) at the University of Melbourne, finds that “the four-year-olds I worked […]

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Scientific argumentation

I’ve been reading NSTA’s K-12 journals for many years. This is the first time I can remember that all three have the same theme at the same time. The summer issue for each—Science & Children, Science Scope, and The Science Teacher have featured articles on scientific argumentation. Teachers at all grade levels can find articles […]

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Argumentation in science

Subtle differences in words can make a big difference: for example “arguing” and “argumentation.” Our students see TV shows where arguing is the most common activity. People shout at and interrupt each other, spout ideas that may have little or no truth to them, and have little tolerance for different points of view or experiences. […]

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