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Migration—It’s all about navigation and timing

I wouldn’t call it a misconception, but my middle school science students had an incomplete understanding of migration. They all knew that “birds fly south in the winter,” but they didn’t realize that for many birds, our location was “south” and that we were seeing migrants from the Arctic. They didn’t think about the reverse—birds […]

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On observing animals

Do you remember the book Play With Me, (Viking Press, 1955), written and illustrated by Marie Hall Ets about a child observing wildlife? Including Play With Me, five of her book are Caldecott Honor books. I also love her book, Gilberto and the Wind. In Play With Me, a young child seeks to play with animals […]

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Mysteries and whodunits

I must admit I’m a fan of mystery novels—from Nancy Drew to Sherlock Holmes, from Agatha Christie to Tony Hillerman. I enjoy trying to follow the clues and the thinking process of the protagonist. In contemporary stories (and TV programs), it’s also interesting to see how science is part of the investigation. The interdisciplinary activities […]

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Citizen scientist action begins at a young age—by extending a helping hand to toads

In Upper Roxborough in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, children helped toads and frogs survive their migratory passage across a road, back to their natal pond (a reservoir) to lay their eggs. The volunteers recorded a count of toads, alive or dead. Naturalist-led toad walks help families understand the toad behavior. The Toad Detour blog has more details […]

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So how was the conference?

Read what your colleagues had to say.

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LOL in science class

Today I needed a laugh. This workshop was the best place to get one–and some good science as well.

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All about animals

This is the closest I’ve ever gotten to a Madagascar hissing beetle.

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Early enthusiasm evident

I was talking to a first time attendee on the trolley from the hotel to the convention center this morning. Cecelia Dygdon told me the web site was overwhelming, she found a lot of sessions she wanted to attend, but didn’t immediately realize they were spread out between the convention center and a couple nearby hotels. She was headed to the first time attendee meeting, so I’m sure she’ll get some great advice from the folks there.

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Seasonal scavenger hunt

Give your students practice making observations by doing a seasonal scavenger hunt that will require closer looks at the familiar landscape to see what has changed. (Thanks to the University of British Columbia Botanical Garden and Centre for Plant Research for the idea.) Does the tree (with branches low enough to see) have tightly furled […]

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The Great Backyard Bird Count: Community science in your backyard or schoolyard

Bird counts involve children in citizen science projects where a greater community contributes to the data used by scientists to understand bird behavior and more. The Great Backyard Bird Count is happening now and counting can take place through Monday, February 15th, so there is still time for your students to participate.

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