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It’s a puzzlement

How many of us in the K-12 science environment use word puzzles to help students review concepts and learn vocabulary? I haven’t been convinced of the value of find-a-words or jumble puzzles are effective learning tools, but crossword puzzles and others that ask students to think of words to fit the clues could be useful. [...]

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Reviewing for an assessment

I am curious about the effectiveness of group or team tests given (maybe a week) before the actual, summative test. I am just beginning my student teaching, and think a group test might be a great way for students to share the responsibility of reviewing and would give the students who are less comfortable with [...]

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Action research

In journals, websites, or workshops we hear about new ideas or strategies and ask “Would that work in my classroom?” We read about student research projects, but this issue looks at teacher research—specifically on action research in the classroom. Action research is inquiry or research focused on efforts to improve student learning. It is usually [...]

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Lab instructions: Finding the right mix

I’m looking for information regarding student comprehension and/or performance when given basic, succinct instructions versus long, detailed lab instructions. I have heard convincing arguments for both, but I’d like to find out what the research says. —Brandi, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Following directions is highly valued skill in many classes. I once heard a teacher say [...]

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