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Ideas and inspiration from NSTA’s January 2018 K-12 journals

Installing Glass Walls and Doors in the Science Classroom, a commentary in Science Scope, describes what collaborative teacher teams “look like” in science and is appropriate for teachers at all grade levels to begin or fine-tune the process with a sample agenda, frameworks, and ideas for team-building and reflection. February is the month for the […]

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Ideas and inspiration from NSTA’s December 2017 K-12 journals

Are you updating your approach to modeling? Aligning lessons between 5E and NGSS? Incorporating digital resources? Regardless of the grade level you teach, this month’s journals have ideas that can be used or adapted. Science Scope – Modeling From the Editor’s Desk: No Glue Required “Models can include diagrams, drawings, physical replicas, mathematical representations, analogies, […]

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Ideas and inspiration from NSTA’s November 2017 K-12 journals

Looking for lessons that align with NGSS? Teaching NGSS-Aligned Lessons in Science Classrooms has several examples that illustrate three-dimensional learning. Science & Children – Vocabulary in Context Editor’s Note: Making Sense of Science Terms: “Making sense of science terms requires selection of appropriate words, identification of strategies that help children connect with the words, and […]

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Ideas and inspiration from NSTA’s October 2017 K-12 journals

Having just completed an online course on climate change, I was interested in the Commentary: Why the Scientific Consensus on Climate Change Matters for Science Education, from The Science Teacher, and the important role science teachers play in helping students understand this global issue. The featured articles in Science Scope and The Science Teacher focus […]

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Ideas and inspiration from NSTA’s September 2017 K-12 journals

Commentary: Reasoning Versus Post-Truth in The Science Teacher is an important read in a time when dependence on unverified information from social media seems to be more prevalent than using trusted sources that value reasoning. Science Scope – STEM Integration From the Editor’s Desk: STEM Integration: A Tall Order: “The shift from teaching math and […]

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The science event of the year

Even if your location is not in the path of the total solar eclipse, viewing a partial one is an amazing event. If you’re looking for safety tips, a refresher on the science of eclipses, classroom activities on the topic, or professional development, NSTA has many resources to assist. Download the Observer’s Guide to Viewing […]

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Ideas and inspiration from NSTA’s July 2017 K-12 journals

Get ready for the total eclipse visible in parts of the US: Scope on the Skies: Vocabulary of the Skies Why, How, and Where to View Totality Science & Children – The Science and Math Connection Editor’s Note: The “Fundamental Tools” of Science: As they [students] investigate, we can move them beyond play by emphasizing […]

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Career of the month

For students of any age who are interested in careers in science and engineering, The Science Teacher features a “Career of the Month” column. This two-page article includes interviews with professionals who use science in their work, a description of the job (work overview, career knowledge, and skills), and advice for students. Here is a […]

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Engineering activities

Are you interested in enhancing your STEM teaching repertoire? Or in integrating engineering concepts but not sure where to start? There have been some new features added to a free resource which is appropriate for in-school and informal K-12 educators. The TeachEngineering digital library is an online collection with more than 1,500 engineering curricular materials […]

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Ideas and inspiration from NSTA’s April 2017 K-12 journals

Two articles of interest to all K-12 teachers: Commentary: The Importance of Cultivating Empathy in STEM from Science Scope, discusses how students can understand how STEM-related issues can affect people and society. Eclipses Across the Curriculum in S&C has ideas for integrated lessons pertaining to the August 2017 event. Science & Children – Matter and […]

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