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Using STEM Clubs as a Catalyst for Change in K-12 Education: A Statewide Model

The growing abundance of research supporting the importance of incorporating increased Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) into schools, combined with the recently vocalized excitement in regard to STEM by high profile individuals appears to be having only minimal impact in our classrooms. This appears to be the case despite all of those who have [...]

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Career Education, NGSS, Teacher Tenure, Creationism, and Dissections: The STEM Landscape Across the United States

As schools get back into session and teachers prepare to go back, many stories are popping up in the news about science and STEM education across the United States. The National Science Teachers Association (NSTA) follows these stories and gets involved through our journals, conferences, and professional development programs. This week the stories I found [...]

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An Enchanted Evening With Synchronous Fireflies

Today’s Guest Blogger is award-winning author Emily Morgan. The flickering of fireflies has always been one of my favorite things about summer. This regular summer phenomenon always seemed extraordinary to me, so when I started the Next Time You See book series, fireflies were high on the list of topics I wanted to write about. [...]

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eCYBERMISSION 2014: Standout STEM Students Succeed

The National Science Teachers Association (NSTA) congratulates the national winners of the 12th annual eCYBERMISSION competition, which NSTA administered for the U.S. Army Educational Outreach Program. The online collaborative learning competition cultivates student interest in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) by encouraging sixth through ninth-graders to develop solutions to real-world challenges in their communities. [...]

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Imagination Wins at the NSTA/Toshiba ExploraVision 2014 Competition

In many textbooks you’ll find a page on the scientific method. But of course there’s no such thing—the method is a myth. There is no single path to scientific discovery. The perspectives and procedures of history’s great discoverers and inventors are amazingly diverse. But it’s safe to say that they all began with imagination. That [...]

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Outstanding Science Trade Books Enhance a 95-Year-Old Tradition

This is Children’s Book Week—and 2014 is, incredibly, the 95th year for the annual celebration. A bit more recently—in 1954, a mere 60 years ago, Sister Marian taught her entire first-grade class of 66 students how to read. I should know—I was one of that good woman’s lucky pupils. By the way, the sheer size [...]

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With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility

Whether from Spiderman or Voltaire, the sentiment proves critically important to our approach to science education. As such, we hold great power to encourage, enlighten, and nurture young minds that are inherently curious and full of poignant questions. As good teachers, we are responsible not to be the authority that provides the answers to students, [...]

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Talking Technology

I had a great conversation with an early-career teacher a few weeks ago. She was a “digital native”—armed with smart phone and ready to tweet. I admit, I’m a “digital immigrant” who re-examines every new device in order to evaluate whether it’s worth the price to buy and the time to use. We talked about [...]

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Share Your Conference Experience

This is my sixth conference with NSTA — my first, in 2008, was in Boston as well. When I tried to walk through the NSTA Science Store this morning, it was packed virtually shoulder to shoulder (the lines are considerably shorter now if you want to get some NSTA gear or pick up a few [...]

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STEM Education Coalition Testifies before House Science Committee on Draft Bill to Reauthorize Federal STEM Education Programs

The House Subcommittee on Research and Technology began work on reauthorization of the America COMPETES Act with a hearing on Wednesday, November 13. Lawmakers are reviewing draft legislation introduced by committee Republicans to reauthorize this key legislation, which will coordinate federal STEM education programs and reauthorize research and science programs at the National Science Foundation [...]

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