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7 Science Facts #NSTA Learned on Twitter This Week

Twitter is a treasure trove for news. These tweets caught our eye at NSTA recently, and they could surely be useful conversation starters in the classroom. Read on, and share the stories that caught your eye this week! 1. Kids love chasing fireflies, and scientists have been chasing the secret to how they glow for […]

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NSTA Legislative Update: Senate Passes Legislation to Overhaul No Child Left Behind

Fourteen years after it was first signed into law and seven years after it expired, the U.S. Senate passed legislation on Thursday, July 16 to overhaul the Elementary and Secondary Education Act–commonly known as No Child Left Behind–by a vote of 81 to 17. The Every Child Achieves Act, the bipartisan agreement by Senate education […]

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Senate Debates NCLB; House Passes NCLB Rewrite Legislation, Student Success Act

This past week the full Senate began work to reauthorize the Elementary and Secondary Education Act with the Every Child Achieves Act, legislation that would replace No Child Left Behind, first signed into law 14 years ago and scheduled for reauthorization 7 years ago. Also last week, the House of Representatives narrowly voted (218 to […]

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NSTA Legislative Update—ESEA (No Child Left Behind) Reauthorization Bill Scheduled for Senate Action July 7

The Senate debate on the reauthorized Elementary and Secondary Education Act (known as No Child Left Behind) could start on July 7. According to Education Week, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has officially scheduled the bill—the Every Child Achieves Act (S. 1177)—for floor action following the July 4 recess. This action comes days after 10 […]

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Drifters Take Students on Scientific Ocean Journeys

For three years, sophomores at Swampscott High School in Swampscott, Massachusetts, have been releasing drifters—devices that float along and track ocean currents—as part of Chris Ratley’s College Placement II Geometry class. To a casual observer, geometry class “might not seem the right place for it, but there is so much math you might not think […]

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ExploraVision Awards Weekend 2015

Someone in your family loses their hearing aid…again! But it’ no problem, you just print a new one on your 3D printer and life goes on seamlessly. Sound too good to be true? Not for long, in the world envisioned by young scientists who were honored last weekend during the 23rd annual Toshiba/NSTA ExploraVision awards […]

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NSTA Legislative Update: June 7, 2015

Earlier this spring the U.S. House of Representatives passed the America COMPETES Act Reauthorization Act of 2015 (HR 1806) by a vote of 217-205, with 23 Republicans joining every Democrat present in voting against the bill. The bill was strongly opposed by a number of groups—including the Association of American Universities, Computing Research Association, American […]

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Students Collaborate Worldwide on Science, Engineering

 It’s an international effort that may be unique: Students in the United States and Canada are working together to design 3D–printed, portable, battery-powered, rechargeable lanterns that students in Uganda and the Dominican Republic, who do not have reliable access to electricity, will field test. This isn’t an act of charity, it’s a “global collaboration to […]

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Providing Real-World Science Through CTE

As the need for skilled science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) workers grows, schools and districts nationwide are revamping or expanding their Career and Technical Education (CTE) STEM courses and curricula.

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Senate Education Committee Passes ESEA Reauthorization Bill

On Thursday April 16, 2015, on a unanimous vote of 22-0, the Senate HELP Committee approved a bipartisan bill that rewrites the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (No Child Left Behind). This means the bill will go to the Senate floor for final consideration, although floor time has not yet been scheduled. During Senate markup […]

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