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Center Your Learning in the NSTA Learning Center

Are you looking for a professional learning community specifically for K-16 science teachers? The NSTA Learning Center is stocked with resources, customized lesson plans, and community forums, and will change the ways you access and leverage professional learning. Research suggests that professional learning for science educators should be an ongoing, continuous endeavor taking anywhere from [...]

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Where Can I Find Quality Materials for Preservice Science Teachers?

Kenneth King has been an NSTA member for 20 years. King started his career as a high school science teacher and used his NSTA membership for science lesson plans and activities in his classroom. When he became an education professor, however, he found that he relied on his NSTA membership even more for “good, contemporary [...]

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Three Ways To Be An NSTA Volunteer

Many educators use summer break to reevaluate career goals. Volunteering is often considered a valuable asset on a resume or CV for almost any profession, including educators. Professionals of any age can develop new skills, expand professional networks, and open doors to opportunities for career growth through volunteering. Get involved in shaping the future of [...]

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How Can NSTA Help Me Meet the Needs of ALL Students?

Before NSTA member Kelly O’Connor became a seventh- and eighth-grade science teacher, she spent 17 years in an emergency room as an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT). The skills she cultivated as an EMT have transferred nicely to the middle school classroom, allowing her to provide a “real-world” perspective to the science concepts she teaches. To [...]

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Five Ways to Spend 15 Minutes with Science Scope

The middle level covers crucial learning years as students cross the bridge from their elementary foundations in science to the more advanced concepts taught in high school. NSTA’s peer-reviewed and award-winning journal, Science Scope, is a great resource for innovative and standards-based activities and educational strategies for grade 6–8 teachers, university faculty responsible for teacher [...]

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How Can I Integrate Science and Technology?

Successfully teaching technology in the classroom involves more than just having students use the tools. It involves engaging students and seamlessly incorporating technology into lesson plans. As a former technology coordinator, NSTA member Rena Roybal was tasked with integrating science into K–5 technology classes. She used NSTA resources for content support and help with developing [...]

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NSTA’s K-College Science Education Journals: July 2014 Issues Online

Science teachers get a break from lesson planning this month, so it’s a nice time to ponder other questions: What informal science experiences are valuable for elementary students? Can middle school students discuss whether or not we are alone in the universe? How do you align mathematics and science at the high school level? Can [...]

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How Can I Create a Safe Science Classroom?

As a physics and chemistry teacher for over 30 years, Adah Stock learned firsthand the importance of proper safety precautions in the science lab. Stock’s emphasis on safe practices paid off; she only had one small accident in the lab in over 30 years of teaching. Stock, an NSTA member since 1986, is now retired [...]

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Reflection on Receiving the Robert H. Carleton Award

Today’s guest blogger is Jack Rhoton, 2014 winner of the NSTA Robert H. Carleton Award To be recognized as a recipient of the Robert H. Carleton Award from the National Science Teachers Association (NSTA) was truly the capstone of my professional life. To be noticed at all for one’s passion is always appreciated, but to [...]

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Get Your Hands on NSTA Reports

Just as hands-on experiments are essential to science literacy, you can increase your professional development with hands-on reading of NSTA’s monthly newspaper, NSTA Reports. Each print issue features pages and pages of information, so give your fingertips a rest from texting and tweeting. NSTA Reports is a 30-minute break with the greatest gathered resources for [...]

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