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NSTA’s K–12 Science Education Journals: February 2015 Issues Online

Energy and Matter; Science and Language Arts; and Obtaining, Evaluating, and Communicating Information—these are the themes of the February 2015 journal articles from the National Science Teachers Association (NSTA). Browse through the thought-provoking selections below and learn more about how your brain pays attention, the synergy between physical education and physical science, reading and writing […]

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I’m an Administrator. How Can I Stay Connected to Science Instruction?

Dr. Sharon Bennett Delesbore is a campus administrator at an alternative school for at-risk students. Dr. Delesbore, who joined NSTA almost 20 years ago when she was a middle school science teacher, credits the organization with helping her become a leader in science education and a minority role model for administrators, teachers, and students. Delesbore: […]

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NSTA and ASE: creating pathways to better international cooperation in science education

They say the world is flat … and so it often seems. Cross the ocean by plane, or travel far from home by train or car…sit down for coffee with other teachers…and the issues are almost always the same. We find much in common wherever we go. And I found this to be true recently […]

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NSTA’s K–College Science Education Journals: January 2015 Issues Online

Is your science classroom equipped for success? Or are you teaching with limited resources? Either way, the K–College journals from the National Science Teachers Association (NSTA) have the answers you need. Written by science teachers for science teachers, these peer-reviewed journals are targeted to your teaching level and are packed with lesson plans, expert advice, […]

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Movie Magic Can Jump Start Your Science, Math, and Technology Lessons

Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson recently said: “I am enchanted that, of late, science as a topic and scientists as characters have peaked the interests of storytellers.” As the host of the hit documentary series Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey, Tyson is not shy about commenting and reviewing science-related media programming. Neither is Jacob Clark Blickenstaff, PhD, […]

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I’m an Instructional Science Advisor and Need Resources for the Teachers in my District. Can NSTA Help?

LaToya Pugh knows firsthand how challenging it can be for busy teachers to find the resources they need. She previously was a classroom teacher, and now is an instructional science advisor. In her new role, Pugh is determined to provide science teachers in her district with tools to support them in effectively delivering science instruction. […]

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NSTA’s K–12 Science Education Journals: December 2014 Issues Online

The titles of this month’s journal articles from the National Science Teachers Association (NSTA) are so fun, you may just feel like you’re getting an early holiday present when you read them: “Elephant Trunks and Dolphin Tails,” “Cinderella Separates a Mixture,” “Not Too Hot, Not Too Cold,” and “An Engineer Does What Now?” But these […]

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I Have Little Access to Professional Learning Programs Where I Live. Where Can I Turn to for Help?

Sandy Gady has been an NSTA member for over 22 years. Her first teaching jobs were in small towns with no colleges or universities nearby. Therefore, Gady says that access to quality professional learning was limited, which is why her NSTA membership really came in handy. “When I was in a small town with no […]

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NSTA Members – Three Reasons We Are Thankful For YOU!

As we prepare the turkey and brave the elements (some of us) for those last minute ingredients we forgot, this time of the year we give thanks for family and friends. NSTA is no different – we are very thankful for our members and here are just a few reasons why: There’s work to be […]

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The Lab Out Loud Podcast for Thanksgiving: Top 12 Science Celebrity Episodes Edition

As schools across the U.S. take a break this week for the Thanksgiving holiday, NSTA members will find themselves in cars, airplanes, and trains traveling to be with family and friends. Make holiday travel more entertaining, and even edifying, by subscribing to the NSTA-supported Lab Out Loud podcast, which features the best in science education […]

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