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NSTA’s K–12 Science Education Journals: December 2014 Issues Online

The titles of this month’s journal articles from the National Science Teachers Association (NSTA) are so fun, you may just feel like you’re getting an early holiday present when you read them: “Elephant Trunks and Dolphin Tails,” “Cinderella Separates a Mixture,” “Not Too Hot, Not Too Cold,” and “An Engineer Does What Now?” But these […]

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I Have Little Access to Professional Learning Programs Where I Live. Where Can I Turn to for Help?

Sandy Gady has been an NSTA member for over 22 years. Her first teaching jobs were in small towns with no colleges or universities nearby. Therefore, Gady says that access to quality professional learning was limited, which is why her NSTA membership really came in handy. “When I was in a small town with no […]

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NSTA Members – Three Reasons We Are Thankful For YOU!

As we prepare the turkey and brave the elements (some of us) for those last minute ingredients we forgot, this time of the year we give thanks for family and friends. NSTA is no different – we are very thankful for our members and here are just a few reasons why: There’s work to be […]

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The Lab Out Loud Podcast for Thanksgiving: Top 12 Science Celebrity Episodes Edition

As schools across the U.S. take a break this week for the Thanksgiving holiday, NSTA members will find themselves in cars, airplanes, and trains traveling to be with family and friends. Make holiday travel more entertaining, and even edifying, by subscribing to the NSTA-supported Lab Out Loud podcast, which features the best in science education […]

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No Money in the School Budget to Attend the NSTA National Conference? Learn What You Can Do

Middle school science teacher and NSTA member Christine Marsh is a self-described “huge fan” of the NSTA Conferences on Science Education. When she found out that no money was available in her school’s budget to send her to the NSTA National Conference in Boston, she started researching ways to fund her trip. “Obviously, being a […]

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NSTA Has Made 25 Members Very Happy (and We Have Even More in Store)

A big shout out and congratulations to 25 NSTA members who recently renewed their membership for two years and won FREE registration to the NSTA National Conference on Science Education in Chicago, March 12-15, 2015. The winners will also receive a $100 voucher for travel to the conference compliments of Southwest Airlines. Over 280 NSTA […]

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20 Essential NSTA Awards You Can Learn About in 15 Minutes

Being a member of NSTA immerses you in a community of educators interested in pushing themselves and their colleagues toward better science education. NSTA has 20 awards for educators and teachers who demonstrate their passion for science education every day. Recognition not only moves science education forward, but also brings affirmation to hard-working educators. NSTA […]

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NSTA’s K–College Science Education Journals: November 2014 Issues Online

Cause and effect, solutions to problems, analyzing and interpreting data, and quantitative reasoning… these are the subjects science teachers are writing about in this month’s K-College journals from NSTA. The November issues are online, in members’ mailboxes, and ready to inspire teachers! Science and Children No matter the age at which you introduce cause and […]

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NSTA Web Seminars Bring the Experts to You

NSTA knows not all teachers can travel, which is why our online programs bring NSTA experts and faculty directly to you. NSTA Web Seminars are free, live professional learning experiences that allow participants to interact with nationally acclaimed experts, NSTA Press authors, and scientists, engineers, and education specialists from NSTA partner organizations. Free interactive online […]

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I’ve Been Hired as a Science Teacher, but I’m Not Certified to Teach Science. Help!

When NSTA member Susanne Hokkanen was in school for teaching, she received a bachelor’s degree in history along with her teaching certificate. Hokkanen thought she would teach history after graduation, but instead she was hired as a middle school science teacher. “I panicked,” Hokkanen says. “I had taken only 12 credit hours of science in […]

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