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Outdoor Science Preconference Workshop at NSTA’s Richmond Conference This Fall

If you’ve thought about taking students outdoors to learn science, this preconference workshop in Richmond, Virginia, on Wednesday, October 15, 2014, will provide the tools you need to be successful. Teachers can expect to take part in practical, hands-on strategies correlated to the NGSS that get students engaged in active learning. Engineering practices will be [...]

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Help Young Learners Discover Answers to Their “Why” Questions

New I Wonder Why books from NSTA Kids “Why can’t I see my shadow when it’s dark?” “Why are some sounds loud and some sounds soft?” “Why do we need machines?” “Why can’t I see colors when there is no light?” Teachers and parents know how inquisitive young learners are. Now you can guide K–6 [...]

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A Picture Perfect Approach to Connecting Reading Strategies and Science

Today’s guest blogger is Kim Stilwell, an education consultant who plans and conducts professional development workshops. Kim, along with her colleague, Chris Gibler, are presenters in the August 6 NSTA Virtual Conference on Connecting Literacy and Science with NGSS and Common Core, where they will share how using Picture Perfect Science resources became part of [...]

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Are Your Lab Investigations Argument Driven?

The 27 lab investigations in the new NSTA Press book Argument-Driven Inquiry in Biology: Lab Investigations for Grades 9-12 follow the argument-driven inquiry (ADI) instruction model, which consists of eight stages. These stages are designed to ensure that students have an opportunity to engage in the practices of science during a laboratory investigation and receive [...]

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Count on These Science Stories to Engage Your Students

“Our students should be able to at least reason quantitatively: to read and interpret data, graphs, and statistics. They should be astute enough to demand to see the evidence when some politician claims that a new drug cures cancer, job numbers are up, our carbon footprint is too big, the president’s budget is the highest [...]

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But Why Does the Balloon Stick to the Wall After I Rub It on My Hair?

What types of materials can be electrically charged? How does current flow in a circuit? Will a magnet pick up any kind of metal? In answering these types of questions, children will reveal their own preconceptions about ideas that they bring with them into the learning environment. Their teachers need ways to help them identify [...]

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From Viruses to Whales, Help Your Students Learn the Common Patterns of Evolution

What’s it like to study evolution as a scientist? That’s the question Judy Diamond, with the help of Carl Zimmer, E. Margaret Evans, Linda Allison, and Sarah Disbrow, set out to answer in writing Virus and the Whale: Exploring Evolution in Creatures Small and Large. The book issues an invitation to middle school students to [...]

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How to Turn Your Schoolyard into a Year-Round Scientific Classroom

It would take mere seconds for any one of us to explain how technology has improved our everyday lives. Yet there are some downsides to all these “life upgrades.” How many of us spend more time exploring our new smartphone app or game than we do the great outdoors? A more sedentary lifestyle is certainly [...]

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What Are They Thinking? Wouldn’t You Like to Know?

A day in the life of a young child could be described as one big scientific experiment with its limitless opportunities for exploration of the natural world. Because these daily experiences are started in infancy, elementary students bring their preconceptions with them, which can impact how they think and process new information. Now more than [...]

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NSTA Sweeps the REVERE Awards!

June 18 Update! We’re presenting these award-winning books at 10% off between now and midnight on June 27, 2014. Be sure to use promo code AWARD when you order any of the featured titles. Years of teaching experience were rewarded last night when the National Science Teachers Association Press and Journal authors and editors were [...]

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