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Cultivating Every Child’s Curiosity in the Natural World

At the NSTA National Conference in Atlanta, I was honored to give the Mary C. McCurdy lecture on young children and their natural curiosity about how the world works. Anyone who has ever spent time with them knows they are born scientists who are curious about the natural world and continuously question, test, and try […]

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Choosing Instructional Materials: Lessons Learned

Throughout my career as an educator, I’ve had many opportunities to select instructional materials. One experience is particularly memorable because I learned then that how you select instructional materials can be as important as what materials are selected.  By that point in my career, I had selected materials for other content areas, but I had […]

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Seeds of Science, Roots of Reading Program Helps Students Develop Explanations

The Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) encourage three-dimensional thinking in students. 3-D thinking, and the process of developing scientific explanations, are curiosity-driven: They involve wondering, posing questions, and making observations; reading books to discover what others have learned; planning investigations; gathering and analyzing information; reflecting on what was learned in light of new evidence; and […]

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And the Search Continues…

As a former elementary science specialist, I am familiar with the elementary teacher’s skill set. They excel at managing a classroom, are very organized, and love a great mentor text—a text that is an example of good writing. However, many don’t feel confident enough when teaching science to consider themselves science experts. Helping elementary teachers […]

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Why Don’t Antibiotics Work Like They Used To?

Why don’t antibiotics work like they used to? is an NGSS-aligned storyline developed by the Next Generation Science Storylines Project that focuses on natural selection and other mechanisms of evolution.  Wayne Wright and I (Holly Hereau) teach science at Thurston High School in Redford, Michigan. We implemented this storyline with our 11th-grade honors biology and […]

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How Teachers Are Retooling Lessons Using the EQuIP Rubric

Sometimes finding the right book or article can be the key to opening our minds to new ideas. A few years back, NSTA published a special journal series on the NGSS, and I recently re-read a few of them. Three in particular highlighted teachers’ experiences in retooling lessons to be more three-dimensional. These articles are […]

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Q&A With Jim Short on Instructional Materials

Why do instructional materials for science need to change? The vision of A Framework for K-12 Science Education: Practices, Crosscutting Concepts, and Core Ideas (Framework; NRC 2012)—embraced in the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS; NGSS Lead States 2013) and in many other similar state standards—differs significantly from prior science education standards. In the NGSS, Science […]

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Collaborating on a Vision for NGSS Instructional Materials

Recently, state science teachers associations in four states that had adopted the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS)—California, Nevada, Oregon, and Washington—worked together to address the critical role that review and selection of high-quality instructional materials will play in successfully implementing the NGSS. Inspired by learnings from “pioneering” teachers who have been on the forefront of […]

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A Q&A on Wisconsin’s Science Standards

Wisconsin recently adopted new K–12 science education standards. Learn more about the standards in this Q&A with Kevin Anderson, Science Education Consultant for the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction. When were your science standards adopted and can you tell us a bit about them? The standards were officially adopted on November 16, 2017. With local […]

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A Learning Trajectory for Sensemaking in Science

The Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) offer teachers the opportunity to consider teaching science in a new way. We help students engage with, wonder about, and make sense of natural phenomena, which closely resembles how scientists perceive the world and do their work. By observing phenomena, scientists generate questions, predict outcomes, and generalize results to […]

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