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How Do You Captivate with Current Events?

Today is March 22nd which can mean a variety of things to a variety of people.  It’s close to the beginning of spring this year; it’s in the middle of March madness, and it is also World Water Day.  According to the World Water Day website, this day is “It’s a day to celebrate water. […]

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What would YOUR End of the Year Recommendation (Resolution) be to the Business Community?

In 2007, Rising Above the Gathering Storm:  Energizing and Employing America for a Brighter Economic Future (RAGS) was released from the National Academies Press and heralded the need for improved performance in producing a STEM prepared workforce for the future  – the future including teaching, business, and policy.  It set forth four recommendations. “The four […]

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What Meets YOUR Needs?

We often discuss differentiated or individualized instruction being important for students and then provide “one-size-fits-all” professional development for educators – the entire range from K-12. At one point in a previous article, I wrote “What I have never understood is that as educators. Supervisors and administrators we are knowledgeable of the need for Individualized Education […]

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Setting the Stage for Science

Now that we are back in school somewhere between a week and a month depending on where you live and what schedule your district adheres to, I thought it might be a great opportunity for all of us to step back and consider how we set the stage for science learning in our classrooms this […]

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What About Lecturing? Recent Study States Not As Effective

“To lecture or not to lecture” – that seems to be the question that has received much attention in recent years.  It is similar to topics such as the positive/negative effects of drinking red wine, eating chocolate or eggs in that the pendulum swings back and forth with each and every individual study that is […]

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Continue the Coversation on Debunking Myths or Pseudoscience

A few days ago, the Leaders Letter for May was sent out to those on the distribution list and it included a report about the Third National Climate Assessment and What Science Teachers Need to Know.  While current information is always a positive for sharing with students, there  is no doubt that the topic of […]

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So what is a “must do” at an NSTA Conference?

This month we are looking for comments and recommendations on what you are most looking forward to at the upcoming conference on science education in Boston! Help our fellow educators by highlighting your “must do” session along with the reason why you put it in the “must do” category. So, what is my “must do?” […]

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Afterschool Science Engagement

In this month’s Reaching the Stakeholders section of the Leaders Letter, there is mention of a feature on NPR which raised the point about engagement of students in science in the classroom.  A follow up point about engaging students in science opportunities afterschool and at home was also posited – after all science does not […]

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International Comparisons – Should We Pay Attention or Not? What Are Your Thoughts?

According to the Key Results of the PISA study which was recently released, “PISA assesses the extent to which 15-year-old students have acquired key knowledge and skills that are essential for full participation in modern societies. The assessment, which focuses on reading, mathematics, science and problem-solving, does not just ascertain whether students can reproduce what […]

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What is your favorite children’s or young adult book?

Recently, NSTA and the Children’s Book Council (CBC) announced the winners for the annual list of Outstanding Science Trade Books for Students K–12 (books published in 2013).  Previous year’s lists and winners also include books that are still in print and add an opportunity to create a rich reading experience for your students. So this month’s […]

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