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Tips and classroom resources for early childhood school science educators. Click on a headline to read the entire post.

Connecting with families

I write a weekly note home to the families to accompany some photos for families to look at together and reflect on the week’s explorations with their preschool child. Sending a note home to families is part of an early childhood program’s way to strengthen the home-school connection to support families’ important work as part […]

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ECE galore in January 2016 Science and Children!

Writing about my science teaching for early childhood educators means thinking about a potential community that spans geographic distance and different biomes, seasons, cultures, educational backgrounds, ethnicities, and teaching careers, among other differences. How we are the same is in our desire to be a teacher of science who helps all children build their understandings […]

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Positive classroom environments support teaching science

Science teaching is only a part of the work of early childhood science educators. Supporting children’s development of social-emotional skills and executive function are foremost in every activity we engage children in. When children feel safe in the class is when they can exercise their curiosity and ask questions that lead to looking for answers […]

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Rich source for lesson plans?

Do you “Pin?” Early childhood preservice teachers on the NSTA Learning Center forums are recommending Pinterest as a source for lesson plans and activities: “Dig into pinterest!!!! It has been my best friend as a student teacher this year!” How can educators looking for science explorations or science content knowledge find resources that are supported by […]

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A “Spring” in December

The unusually warm December weather has brought out flowers in some of the plants that usually bloom in Spring in my area. Citizen scientists who participate in phrenology are documenting these observations. Phenology is an important subject to study, because it helps us understand the health of species and ecosystems.   Studying the timing of life […]

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The Science of Art by guest blogger Carrie Heflin

Welcome to guest blogger Carrie Heflin! Carrie was a pre-k classroom educator at the Smithsonian Early Enrichment Center for four years. With everyday access to the museums on the National Mall, she developed her students’ understanding of art concepts. Her teaching put attention on the connections between artwork and science concepts. She is now the […]

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Shadow formation and natural or electric light

At mid-December the children’s morning shadows are recognizably long. Over time, through repeated observations made formally or just in casual comments, children begin to notice that the position of the sun in the sky changes during the day. Kindergartners may notice that the sun also changes position during the year, depending on how often they […]

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Connecting more with science education

My happy place is the at intersection of the worlds of science education and early childhood education so I was delighted by the large number of sessions on science and engineering education at the National Association for the Education of Young Children’s annual conference this month. Early childhood educators who want to connect more deeply […]

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Science & Engineering Sessions at NAEYC 2015

Science inquiry, engineering design, research-based practices, the NSTA position statement on Early Childhood Science Education, and the Next Generation Science Standards were all part of presentations I attended at the conference of the National Association for the Education of Young Children. Presenters shared the science and engineering work done by the children in their programs, […]

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Thinking about technology and young children

When the two-year-old class goes walking around the open space with me, they sometimes like to bring pretend cameras with them. I have let children use my real digital camera if they are interested, making them use the wrist strap to catch it if they let go. Watching them use the camera teaches me about […]

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