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What happens, has happened, and will happen at NSTA conferences on science education. Click on a headline to read the entire post.

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When early childhood educators conference & talk about science education

The National Science Teachers Association’s annual conference brings educators from many places in the world together to build their science teaching skills, science content, reaffirm connections with colleagues and make new connections. Arriving in LA, the lights and action were a striking contrast to the vibrant rainbow began my week but this change in environment […]

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#NSTA17: The Importance of the Collaborative Community

This is an interesting and challenging time to be a science, engineering and/or STEM educator. Time, funding, support….all play into a complicated dance of priorities and resources. This is EXACTLY why the collaboration that happens at events like #NSTA is important to our students, teachers, administrators and the community at large. My biggest takeaway from […]

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Who Knew I <3 Zombies? Broadening Your Perspective at NSTA

  The thing is, if you aren’t looking to broaden your knowledge and improve your practice, then stay away from the LA Convention Center and NSTA’s 2017 National Conference. I mean—stay away. Because when you walk into any door you are surrounded by a plethora of sessions, resources and exhibits. Oh, and did I mention […]

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Only at NSTA’s LA National Conference

I think one of the hardest things about attending the NSTA National Conference is know just where to be—attending one of the numerous presentations, taking part in a field trip, checking out the exhibit hall, joining a networking event. I like to plan my schedule in advance—selecting sessions (try to make sure they’re not too far […]

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California Dreaming… #NSTA17 Is Finally Here!

I arrived in the City of Angels Wednesday afternoon to find a whole lot of equally enthusiastic #NSTA17 conference attendees. This is a HUGE deal, and we have a huge number of choices. I’m focusing on the engineering end of the spectrum—as an engineering educator who specializes in culture change through integrated STEM through engineering, I […]

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The @STEMninjaneer Guide to #NSTA17 Los Angeles

This week I’m headed to the NSTA National Conference on Science Education in LA, where I’ll be blogging and tweeting about all things engineering and STEM! As an engineering educator, I am keenly interested in helping to prepare our future workforce and citizenry through meaningful, robust, and integrated instruction that includes engineering. In my career, I […]

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10 NSTA Conference Sessions that Will Turn Your World Upside Down

Ready for something completely different? Ready to love science teaching even more? NSTA is headed to Los Angeles this month for our 2017 National Conference on Science Education, March 30-April 2. And what happens in LA won’t stay in LA. You’ll go home with a brand new perspective on your teaching. How does this happen? It […]

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Join NSTA Press Authors at the 2017 National Conference in Los Angeles

We rely on their expertise and have their books lined up on our resource shelves for handy reference, but the opportunity to hear so many NSTA Press authors speak in person is too good to pass up. The array of authors who are scheduled to present at the NSTA National Conference in Los Angeles, March […]

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An ECSTEM conference experience

An early childhood education conference is an opportunity to meet others who share a passion for improving our science teaching practice, meet our education mentors and gain new insights into why certain educational practices are effective. It’s a privilege to be able to attend, and fun to experience. It’s also a time to hear about […]

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A love note to education conferences

In my suitcase I have a collapsible jug, tube, funnel, glitter, pebbles, foam hearts, sea shells, and empty plastic bottles—all part of the materials I need for a presentation at the 2017 ECSTEM conference (February 3-4), organized by The Children’s Center at Caltech, in collaboration with THINK Together. An education conference is a joyful place […]

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