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What happens, has happened, and will happen at NSTA conferences on science education. Click on a headline to read the entire post.

Meet the People Behind the 2015 NSTA STEM Forum and Expo

The 2015 NSTA STEM Forum and Expo is happening next month in Minneapolis, May 20–23. This unique, STEM-focused event is where informal and formal educators gather to share tools and resources that contribute to successful implementation of STEM education into schools and communities. What makes this so different from any other event of its kind? […]

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A View of #NSTA15 from Down Under

As soon as I saw the space that was allocated for the NSTA conference I knew I was in for something special. To have such a large convention centre dedicated to various forms of professional development over four days is a credit to the American science teachers and the National Science Teachers Association (NSTA), who […]

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Building NGSS Capacity at #NSTA15

The 2015 NSTA National Conference on Science Education (held in Chicago, March 12-15) was a great opportunity for educators to build their capacity for understanding and implementing the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS).  In Thursday’s featured presentation (The Key to Implementing the NGSS? Teachers!), Dr. Stephen Pruitt described this capacity-building journey as a path toward […]

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It’s All About the Hashtag for @2footgiraffe

Hi, Social Media at NSTA? Oops, I mean #NSTA. Double oops, I mean #NSTA15. It’s all about the hashtag. Want to see what happened at #NSTA15? Well, go to Twitter, Instagram, or Vine and search the hashtag. Yes, there are pictures and funny videos being shared. However, there is much more than images and jokes. […]

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#NSTA15 | Your Science Teaching Superpower

Chicago. I have arrived.  One of us will not be the same after this. #NSTA15 – @porchdragon, March 11, 2015 NSTA conferences are where science teachers transform into learners for a week. This year the theme of transformation was ubiquitous–even the river turned green for a day! Keynote Neil Shubin walked us through the evolution […]

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Meet me in the middle

Another round table/poster session at the NSTA conference–this time focused on middle school science. It was quite a hike to the end of the conference center, but the sharing session (and the view of Lake Michigan) was worth it! Those who attended were treated to another “extravaganza” of ideas for their classrooms. From activities that […]

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Elementary Extravaganza

I just finished visiting the Elementary Extravaganza at the NSTA 2015 conference. What an amazing display of what our youngest student/scientists are doing! The teacher/presenters showed how to engage students in experimenting with circuits, studying living things up close and personal, notebooking, going on virtual field trips, building/making things, and connecting reading and writing with […]

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NSTA 2015—Science Teachers’ Sense of Humor

One word I have never heard used to describe an NSTA conference is “boring.” There were swarms of science teachers everywhere! I am always amazed by the sheer number of educators at every career level, from first year teachers to veteran educators, eager to share and learn together.  And plenty of science and education humor was […]

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Going to the “EE” at the national conference on Friday March 13, 2015?

If I could only attend one session at the NSTA national conference in Chicago this week, it would be the Elementary Extravaganza! I had so much fun presenting last year but missed walking around to glean ideas and freebies from the other presenters. This year it will be held on Friday, March 13 8:00 AM – […]

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International Day Coming to #NSTA15 in Chicago: March 11, 2015

It is often said that “the wings of a butterfly can cause a storm on the other side of the world.” (That’s actually a simplistic description of Edward Lorenz’s chaos theory, but it is often used as an analogy for small actions that can have far-reaching effects.) Could a small child watching a butterfly have […]

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