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What happens, has happened, and will happen at NSTA conferences on science education. Click on a headline to read the entire post.

#NSTA14 Heats Up in NOLA with the STEM Iron Chef Competition

Attendees of NSTA’s 2014 STEM Forum and Expo will be challenged to cook up a recipe for STEM success next month. No aprons will be required, though; this challenge focuses on a different mix of materials—the kind you’ll be able to use in class to whet your students’ appetites for science. NSTA’s STEM Iron Chef [...]

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NSTA conference in Boston: Reflection and making connections Part 1, Th and Fri

I didn’t see the swan boats in the Public Garden or tea in the Harbor, but I did see many things—skylines, modern art, sunrises and fabulous sessions at the conference. I got to use a Smart Pen, talk with other early childhood educators, draw a cricket, and hear inspiring talks. It has taken me a [...]

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#NSTA14 Boston Stories

NSTA was in Boston last week, where more than 11.5K science teachers gathered for our national conference on science education. It was no surprise that all the selfies seemed to be group shots—because that’s what science teachers do, they share! So we can’t think of a better way to give you a taste of the [...]

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Top 10 reasons for visting the conference exhibit hall

With a nod to David Letterman, here are my top 10 reasons for spending time in the exhibit hall: 10.  Interacting with people. You get a chance to meet and talk with other members and vendors. 9.  Planning ideas for your summer “vacation.” Lots of information about summer programs, travel opportunities, and graduate study. 8.  [...]

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Elementary Extravaganza, Ramps and pathways

The Elementary Extravaganza was pulsing with energy as educators from many settings rushed in at 8am to get personal attention from the hundreds of presenters who were ready to share their work. Thanks to the sponsors–, Delta Education, School Speciality, ScienceCompanion, and Carolina, as well as NSTA. The setting with presentations at round conference tables [...]

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Great ideas from Boston

On the train to Boston on Wednesday, the view for most of the ride was gray and dreary. But coming out of the station–blue sky and sun! After what seemed to be an endless winter, I hope that was a sign to indicate the bright ideas we’ll learn from our colleagues here at the conference. [...]

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NSTA National Conference in Boston–early childhood too!

I’m looking forward to learning, collaborating, meeting, laughing, learning, sharing, and getting a break from the usual schedule while attending the National Science Teachers Association’s conference in Boston. It’s one of several NSTA yearly conferences so if you aren’t attending this one, check the schedule –there might be an area conference or an expo near [...]

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Share Your Conference Experience

This is my sixth conference with NSTA — my first, in 2008, was in Boston as well. When I tried to walk through the NSTA Science Store this morning, it was packed virtually shoulder to shoulder (the lines are considerably shorter now if you want to get some NSTA gear or pick up a few [...]

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So what is a “must do” at an NSTA Conference?

This month we are looking for comments and recommendations on what you are most looking forward to at the upcoming conference on science education in Boston! Help our fellow educators by highlighting your “must do” session along with the reason why you put it in the “must do” category. So, what is my “must do?” [...]

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NSTA conference tips

Are you attending the NSTA conference in Boston this spring? At this point, you should be registering, making arrangements for lodging and transportation, and thinking about your lesson plans for the substitute (if you haven’t done so already). If this is the first time you’ve attended the national conference, it can be overwhelming at first. [...]

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