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Could a Species Like Bigfoot Have Evolved? 17 Mysteries Revealed at #STEMforum Last Week

2016 STEM Forum and Expo Denver, Colorado, July 27–29 As Seen on Twitter How do you make a banana piano? #STEMforum @NSTA in the Exhibit Hall playing a banana piano!! — Danielle Perrotta (@dani_perrotta) July 29, 2016 Is it true that STEM lessons can be found anywhere? STEM in the streets of Denver, CO […]

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The Anatomy of the STEM Pipeline: Dissecting Misconceptions at the 2016 #STEMforum

Anatomy: The subject tend to make teachers freeze up, or make the obligatory “gross” puns. But it’s a great topic for STEM, and a career field more students need to know about. The NSTA staff had a chance to sit down at the 2016 STEM Forum and Expo with Shawn Boynes (SB), Executive Director of […]

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How Can Science Teachers Use Examples of Dishonest Science?

NSTA members ask and answer one anothers’ questions about science teaching every day via the listserv, and the topics are fascinating. The latest question, trending on our NGSS list, focuses on dishonest science. The answers and comments are eye-opening! Question: “We’re exploring what it means to be principled and show integrity in science and I’m […]

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10 Upper Elementary Sessions at the 2016 STEM Forum and Expo

At the 5th Annual STEM Forum & Expo, hosted by NSTA, taking place July 27-29 in Denver, Colorado, upper elementary educators will share quality learning activities and experiences that spark curiosity, promote confidence, support the rigor of current standards, and develop competence in STEM subjects. The Forum will showcase programs and instructional strategies that support […]

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Recommendations for Science-Focused Additions to a Middle School Reading List

Question of the Week on the Middle Level List Serve “I’d really like to encourage my middle school (6-8) students to read more science literature for more robust discussions. In class, I have provided articles and short reading passages from various resources but 40 minutes a class isn’t enough, especially with lectures and labs. I’d […]

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#NSTA16 Nashville | Do Not Try This at Home!

Big Bird, @BillNye and Flamingos… No it’s not a crazy dream, it’s #NSTA16— @eckzoo April 3, 2016 If you weren’t in Nashville last week for the 2016 National Conference on Science Education, you didn’t have to dodge asteroids being shot at innocent science teachers by BILL NYE! It was quite the week, and you can […]

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Bill Nye’s Rising Star Wants to Talk to Science Teachers

Whitney Pratz (Partnerships Manager at the Planetary Society) had no idea she was applying for a job with America’s science superhero a few years ago when she applied for a nonprofit job on craigslist. She was just trying to learn something new and ended up with her dream job. I sat down with her for […]

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You Won’t See This List on Buzzfeed: Events for Middle School Teachers at NSTA’s National Conference

If you teach middle school science, you need to be in Nashville for the NSTA National Conference on Science Education, March 31–April 3. You’ll be with thousands of your fellow teachers for the week and take home tried-and-true strategies for everything from creating maker spaces to breaking down lessons for diverse communities of learners. There […]

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Top Twitter Conversations Among Science Teachers in the Last 48 Hours

What were science teachers talking about on Twitter this weekend? Here are the top 12 stories we saw blowing up our network. Enjoy, and let us know what stories you’re following. #1. Gizmodo’s incredible Mythbusters supercut Relive the best moments of the #Mythbusters with this incredible supercut: — Gizmodo (@Gizmodo) March 6, 2016

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Zika, @neiltyson, and flick picks from POTUS: Twitter tales for science teachers

You can’t believe everything you see in social media, but when something’s popular on Twitter/Facebook/Snapchat, it’s sure to be something you can use to catch students’ attention. The stories that caught our eye this week run the gamut from truly frightening to beautifully inspirational. Spoiler alert… Neil deGrasse Tyson is NOT the astrophysicist with the […]

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