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Teshia Birts, CAE, NSTA Membership and Chapter Relations Director

Teshia stumbled into the association industry after a short stint as an event planner for a university programming division – managing operations for touring performances, concerts and lectures. Thinking this would be an easy transition to meeting planning she entered the association management trade and has been making a significant impact for the past 12 years. A seasoned expert in component relations and governance, Teshia has provided state chapters and special interest groups with full-management services (membership marketing, communications management, meeting planning, financial management and web management) as well as limited-management services through her own business. She firmly believes that if a small organization’s mission is viable, that group should be given every chance to reach and exceed its goals (which, with the use of technology, can be done by working smarter, not harder!) Teshia delivers valuable advice to organizations both large and small in areas such as budgeting, bylaw and policy/procedure development, hiring executive staff, board relations and corporate issues. Teshia has received extensive training in business process improvement, strategic planning, creating an effective customer experience and staffing management. Most recently, she has added social media guru to her growing list of skills –managing “tweetups,” “tweetchats” and contributing to other social media efforts within her current association. Teshia remains committed and proud of her industry because associations rule the world!

NSTA Members – Three Reasons We Are Thankful For YOU!

As we prepare the turkey and brave the elements (some of us) for those last minute ingredients we forgot, this time of the year we give thanks for family and friends. NSTA is no different – we are very thankful for our members and here are just a few reasons why: There’s work to be […]

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NSTA Has Made 25 Members Very Happy (and We Have Even More in Store)

A big shout out and congratulations to 25 NSTA members who recently renewed their membership for two years and won FREE registration to the NSTA National Conference on Science Education in Chicago, March 12-15, 2015. The winners will also receive a $100 voucher for travel to the conference compliments of Southwest Airlines. Over 280 NSTA […]

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My Name Is Teshia and I’m an NSTA Groupie

Yes, my name is Teshia Birts, and I’m an #NSTAGroupie—I have been for four years now. I became an #NSTAGroupie when I joined the NSTA staff as Senior Manager of Chapter and Associated Group Relations back in October, 2010. I was immediately hooked because that was just in time to go to my first NSTA conference, […]

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NSTA Chapters and Associated Groups: Want to know more about D&O Insurance?

We are featuring another guest blogger, Kenneth Huff.  Kenneth is the President of The Association of Presidential Awardees in Science Teaching (an NSTA Associated Group) and he recently investigated the benefits of Directors and Officer insurance and the protection it can provide for APAST. With many associations continuing to experience the affects of a tenuous […]

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NSTA Chapter and Associated Group Leaders: There is a better mousetrap to track members!

We are featuring a post from guest blogger, Kelly Price.  Kelly is the GSTA Director for the 2012-13 year. She has been a member of the GSTA board for many years serving in the roles of District II Director, Secretary, and President. Kelly  has also served a three year term on the NSTA Council as the District […]

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Preservice teachers rock (and so do their advisors!)

Big kudos to the preservice and new teachers who participated in the first-ever Student/Student Chapter Showcase during the NSTA National Conference on Science Education.  Over three days — March 29-31 — seven student teams provided nine presentations to other preservice and new teachers.  The teams conducted sessions on: the school garden model; laboratory makeovers; NASA […]

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Chapters and Associated Groups: Advocacy + Professional Development = the Formula for a Great Association

This week we are featuring a post from guest blogger, Chuck Hempstead, MPA, CAE.  Chuck is the Executive Director of the Science Teachers Association of Texas (an NSTA Chapter). Chuck also serves as President of Hempstead and Associates, a full-service association management company based in Austin, Texas.  He holds the designation of Certified Association Executive […]

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Chapters and Associated Groups: Are Formal Committees Still Relevant?

Over the past few days, I have been keeping an eye on an interesting thread on an association discussion forum – the topic: whether committees are still relevant especially for smaller organizations like chapters and special-interest groups. In recent years, organizations of all sizes have taken a closer look at the need for formal committees in […]

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Chapters and Associated Groups: Know your corporate status!

I want to remind chapter and associated group leaders about the importance of a corporate status.  This may be a no-brainer to some, but many organization leaders confuse this with the tax-exempt status (i.e., 501(c)3, 501(c)6, etc.)  There is really no connection between these two. The process for becoming a formal non-profit, professional or trade […]

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Chapters and Associated Groups: It’s tax time!

Having worked with small organizations for a number of years now, inevitably I will hear one state chapter or component leader say, “We don’t have to worry about filing taxes…we didn’t have enough income.” Well, this is partly true.  Your organization may not need to file a formal 990, but you will have to file […]

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