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The STEM in Kitchen Appliances

We just returned from a visit to Le Cordon Bleu School in Cambridge, Massachusetts, where our older son is considering getting a culinary arts certificate after his high school graduation in (gasp!) June. We took a tour of their many kitchens, and I was impressed by the size of the mixers in the baking kitchen. […]

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The STEM in Volcanoes

My parents are currently in Hawaii, visiting Maui, Oahu, and the big island, Hawaii itself. They’ve wanted to go for many years, and on the occasion of their 50th wedding anniversary they decided to do it. I had been to Oahu and the big island about 25 years ago to see my college roommate, who […]

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Earth-Like Planets in the STEM Classroom

On our vacation this year to Rockport, Massachusetts, we spent an hour one night watching the Perseid meteor shower. This is my favorite meteor shower because I can lay outside and not get cold too fast. The night sky is far darker on the end of Cape Ann than it is at home in Delaware, […]

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Recycling in the STEM Classroom

Our oldest son will be a senior in high school next year. (Deep breath.) All Delaware public high school students must perform 60 hours of documented volunteer work for a non-profit group as a requirement for graduation. With a little nudging from me, our son chose Habitat for Humanity. New Castle County’s Habitat chapter runs […]

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The STEM in Bagels

On a recent trip to visit friends in Lewes, Delaware, I had a bagel from Surf Bagels for the first time. This delicious and perfectly constructed bagel got me thinking about how they are produced. It turns out there are a number of STEM topics in bagel baking and production. Bagels have a long history […]

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The STEM in Food Science

Food science has come a long way since the days of girls taking home economics and boys taking shop class. The classes in my sons’ middle and high schools are now called family and consumer science, or food technology (and both of the boys have taken at least one semester). For simplicity’s sake I will […]

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Climate Change and the Anthropocene

This past winter was extraordinary for many parts of the United States. New England saw unprecedented amounts of snow, while the Sierra Nevada mountains in California, famed for skiing, saw barely any. Lower-than-average snowfalls in the Sierra Nevada over the past several years have created California’s serious drought situation. In Delaware, where I live, we […]

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Challenging Perceptions in the STEM Classroom

As a female STEM graduate myself (geology), I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how to encourage more women and minorities to get involved with STEM classes and potential careers. I was fortunate that my first job out of college was at the American Geosciences Institute, editing their database of journal articles from around the […]

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New year, new format for The STEM Classroom

Welcome to my new blog! The old STEM Classroom e-newsletter has gotten a makeover and become part of the new monthly Science and the STEM Classroom. As part of the redesign, I’m getting a chance to hone my skill at blogging in WordPress. A blog offers some different functionality and increased opportunities for sharing and […]

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