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Robert E. Yager Exemplary Teaching Award—2018 winners

The Robert E. Yager Exemplary Teaching Award recognizes six full-time K–-12 teachers of science who successfully use innovation and excellence in their classroom. District II None awarded District IV James Brown Science Teacher Sand Creek Middle School Albany, NY James Brown believes when students are taught in an interdisciplinary manner through a lens of how […]

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In Memoriam: Irwin Slesnick

In Memoriam: sadly, we report the passing of Irwin Slesnick, whose many contributions to NSTA and the broader realm of science education include the NSTA Press books Adventures in Paleontology  and Clones, Cats, and Chemicals. Please see an obituary posted to The Bellingham Herald.

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Dance of the planets

All you earlybirds out there are in for a treat this month if you look eastward just before dawn (and the weather is clear).  Four planets will be engaged in a slow-motion dance, aligning themselves differently day by day in a tight segment of the sky. NASA has created a nice video describing the phenomenon:

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Thomas Nelson Hubbard (1931–2011)

Long-time NSTA exhibitor Thomas “Tom” Nelson Hubbard died Monday, March 21, 2011, in Santa Barbara, California from cardio-respiratory failure.  Born February 22, 1931, in Rockford, Illinois, Tom attended Rockford schools, Hotchkiss School (Class of ’49) and Yale University (Class of ’53).  He is survived by Loretta “Lorry” Hubbard, his wife since 1981. Tom founded Hubbard […]

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Sulfur + iron + tantalum …

What on earth could this be a recipe for?

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NSTA responds to PISA results

NSTA has released the following statement regarding the results of the 2009 Program for International Student Assessment Report (PISA): The National Science Teachers Association is cautiously optimistic and somewhat surprised in the results for Science in the PISA Report. We are cautiously optimistic in that average science scores are up from 2006; however, this growth […]

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Shanghai video diary

William D. Greene of West Virginia participated in the recent Sino-US Science and Education Forum and has posted this video: Click on the tag below to see more blog posts on this subject.

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Homeward bound

Dr. Christine Royce muses about “time travel” and her recent experiences at the Sino–US Science and Education Forum in Shanghai. Sunday, November 21, 2010 Well, it’s “Back to the Future.” Just as we had all come together in singles, forming groups of two or three, so did we disperse. Due to different flights, we met […]

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Old and “old” in China

Dr. Christine Royce notes that there is old, and then there is old. And also “old.” China has all three, and the new as well, in a heady mix. Saturday, November 20, 2010 Today we spent the day being “tourists”—and doing all of the things that tourists do—visit sights, shop, eat in good restaurants, shop, […]

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Sticky rice vs. loose noodles

Dr. Christine Royce describes her visit to the ancient city of Zouzhuang as a member of the NSTA contingent at the Sino-US Science and Education Forum. Friday, November 19, 2010 “Be like sticky rice … not loose noodle.” You probably think I have lost it by now. What could she possibly be thinking? Well, this […]

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