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I am hoping to have “word walls” in my classroom for subject areas. What would be some beneficial words no matter the age level for the science classroom?  — H., Iowa Great idea! I have always maintained that teaching science is also like teaching a new language to students. Working on vocabulary to use when communicating […]

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Go Knights!

This month’s blogs feature questions sent to me by students of Michael D. Bechtel, EdD, assistant professor of science education, Biology Department of Wartburg College, Iowa. As part of their coursework they were asked to connect to professional learning communities and many of them found resources on the NSTA website – including this blog. Many […]

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Bringing the outdoors indoors.

How do you achieve the full concept of bringing the outdoors, indoors? How do you make sure your students are getting the most out of it? How do you transition smoothly where you do not lose any student’s attention? — K., Louisiana   I love teaching outdoors! Part of the problem you face is the […]

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Incorporating engineering into lifesciences

What are some good activities and lessons to incorporate engineering into biology/life science? – K., Connecticut There are several websites that will give you lesson plans to incorporate engineering into all topics in science. Search the NSTA Learning Center ( for ideas and check my collection which you may find useful: . The possible […]

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School Stay-trips

If I work in a district where I am unable to take my kids on plenty of field trips, what are some alternatives or activities that could be done on school grounds, but that are still fun and eye-opening for students? – B., Arkansas Budgets, locations, and policies can all curtail your ability to take […]

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Teaching Abroad

I have thought about teaching internationally. Do you have any advice? How does it compare to teaching domestically? —A., Iowa   I commend you for thinking about adventuring into the world! I haven’t taught internationally, so I consulted a few friends and colleagues to help put together some advice. Almost every person found teaching abroad […]

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Staying sharp

After a number of years working in the science industry I have now become a teacher. Do you have suggestions for maintaining my skills in both education and science? – B., Arizona I like your plan to stay current and active in your former work! Here are a few suggestions: Watch for professional development (PD) […]

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Small problems

I will be student teaching in a school with small classes – between 6 and 12 students. I find this to be challenging. Any suggestions or advice? — M., Kansas     I have had a few small classes in my career and I found them to be great opportunities to delve deeply into topics, […]

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3D classroom – with 3D!

How can you use 3D printers in your science classroom? — S., Alabama   Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) projects are the first thing that comes to my mind when I think about using 3D printers. You could have students design and fabricate parts for robots and other projects. There are many websites that […]

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Keep it grounded. Keep it real.

I’ve been teaching science for three years. My students seem to see science as an abstract subject and have trouble imagining it. How can I help my students appreciate the lessons more with limited time and resources? —R., Philippines   I think the way to teach science with less abstraction is to ground your lessons […]

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