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Students Collaborate Worldwide on Science, Engineering

 It’s an international effort that may be unique: Students in the United States and Canada are working together to design 3D–printed, portable, battery-powered, rechargeable lanterns that students in Uganda and the Dominican Republic, who do not have reliable access to electricity, will field test. This isn’t an act of charity, it’s a “global collaboration to […]

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NSTA 2015—Science Teachers’ Sense of Humor

One word I have never heard used to describe an NSTA conference is “boring.” There were swarms of science teachers everywhere! I am always amazed by the sheer number of educators at every career level, from first year teachers to veteran educators, eager to share and learn together.  And plenty of science and education humor was […]

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Share Your Conference Experience

This is my sixth conference with NSTA — my first, in 2008, was in Boston as well. When I tried to walk through the NSTA Science Store this morning, it was packed virtually shoulder to shoulder (the lines are considerably shorter now if you want to get some NSTA gear or pick up a few […]

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Keeping Science Safe

Guest Post by LaMoine L. Motz, PhD, Sandra West Moody, PhD, and James T. Biehle, AIA The cover article “Science on Wheels” in the April 2013 issue of NSTA Reports raises a number of issues which, in our opinion, fly in the face of good judgment. While we recognize there are many schools with inadequate […]

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From Elementary Ed to Inspiring Speakers

I started the morning with a visit to the Elementary Extravaganza. So much activity was going on. I overheard one attendee exclaim, “I didn’t know we had so many elementary teachers!” I’m not sure if he meant in Texas or in NSTA! I also attended Mireya Mayor’s feature presentation,”My Wild Life.” She is a field […]

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Gender poll has me wondering

NSTA has been running informal polls of our members online and sharing the results — and your unvarnished comments — in NSTA Reports for about two years. One of the more interesting things I do as the paper’s editor is sift through the comments and share the mix of views educators expresson the given topic. Some […]

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Do you know STEM when you see it?

Jonathan Gerlach, an Albert Einstein Distinguished Educator, discusses the difficulty of defining science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education in this month’s NSTA Reports commentary. I’d like to know what educators — whether you’re in one of the STEM fields or not — and others think about this. Is there a clear way to define […]

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Dedicated teachers willing to go the distance

I talk to teachers from all over the country during the national conference and am no longer surprised to find some who have traveled from distance corners of the nation. There also usually an international group. But once in a while, I’ll meet a teacher like Elizabeth who attends the conference despite the fact that she […]

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Planning for next year now

Saturday morning and the conference is going strong. As I was walking down the hall, I overheard a woman telling a friend how she was overwhelmed — there was just too much that she wanted to do while here. She said, “Next year, I’m coming a day earlier!” Guess it’s time to start planning for […]

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Long day, but they’re still at it

It’s been a long day, but there are still sessions going on. The exhibit hall is still a popular spot with many folks checking out the latest texts, software, and other “interactives” like the walking stick pictured here!

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