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Sylvia Shugrue award winner 2017

    2017 Shugrue Award winner Gary Koppelman believes that the development of community relationships and making positive decisions impacting the world begins in the classroom where students learn truths as owners of their community and the environment around them. As an elementary science teacher at Blissfield Elementary School in Blissfield, MI, he allows students to find solutions and […]

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Robert E. Yager Excellence in Teaching Awards — 2017 winners

This award recognizes excellence and innovation in the field of science education. This award acknowledges teachers who share Robert Yager’s passion for education and continued professional development. This award also honors Robert Yager’s effort to make excellent science education accessible to students of the 21st century and beyond. Awardees will have exhibited excellence and innovation […]

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Sylvia Shugrue award winner 2016

Debra Ericksen, winner of the 2016 Shugrue Award and a science teacher at Adamsville Primary School in Bridgewater, NJ, has developed interdisciplinary, inquiry-based lessons that encourage students to pursue their curiosity about the world. Victor Hayek, Superintendent of Schools for Bridgewater-Raritan, says her “lesson plan incorporated NGSS standards and provided enhanced learning opportunities … students [were] engaged and […]

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Sylvia Shugrue award winner 2015

  Hong Kong International School teacher Wendy Smith’s MaKey MaKey Circuits lesson is part of a Programming and Electronics unit, one of two new science units she has created for the fourth grade this year, says Gene Cheh, associate principal. To culminate the unit, Smith organized the school’s first-ever Maker Showcase, a celebration event in […]

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College Students: Volunteer with eCYBERMISSION and See the Big Picture

Ever considered the opportunity to offer your help or engage with someone you might learn something from? Volunteering with the eCYBERMISSION STEM competition provides an awesome platform for college students to do so. In 2013, an estimated 62.6 million American citizens volunteered, with 26% of those volunteers devoting their time to educational opportunities. This paints […]

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Sylvia Shugrue award winner 2014

Lisa Ernst models perseverance and critical thinking for her elementary students, encouraging them to persist when faced with challenges. Throughout her career, Ernst has developed project–based units that allow her students to tap into their creativity and curiosity while learning scientific and engineering principles, such as her cross–curricula  Building Bridges in Earthquake Country: From the […]

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Sylvia Shugrue Award winner 2013

As Director of Distance Learning for University of Minnesota’s Bell Museum of Natural history, each year Chris Tower created and provided professional development for more than 300 teachers throughout Minnesota and Wisconsin via two distance–learning, cross-curricular science programs: the JASON Project and BellLive. In his current position, he has established a service-learning water quality study […]

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Science of Golf: physics of the golf swing

What do the trebuchet, said to have been invented in China in about 300 BC and Paula Creamer, the 2010 U.S. Women’s Open champion, have in common? They both owe their success to the double pendulum effect. Find out why in Science of Golf: Physics of the Golf Swing. If you live in a northern […]

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Science of Golf: friction and spin

It’s the Sunday round on TV and the leader lands short of the green. He (or she) pulls out a wedge and gives the ball a mighty whack. The ball lands well past the pin, then suddenly starts spinning backwards! Before you know it, the ball has snugged up to the hole. How do they […]

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Science of Golf: scoring

Is a series of single digit numbers really that hard to mentally add up? Seems that many high school golfers think so. Even as a senior excelling in calculus, my golfer daughter and her competitors would whip out their cell phone calculators after a round to add up their scores… for 9 holes! It’s really […]

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