Value Your Support Staff

I hope that everyone has learned who the most important adults in the school are: the support staff! Custodians, administrative assistants, teachers’ assistants (TAs)— these people are invaluable and can make your life much easier. Many of these people have been working with young people for a long time and will often have insights and relationships with students that are unique and different than the ones teachers have.

I have been saved many times by the custodian lending me a tool or getting me paper towels when I ran out during a lab!

If you want something done or don’t know how things work, the administrative assistants can give you exact directions for submitting orders, reports, and insight into the sometimes murky processes. They are the people who bear the brunt of that work and they know how to get things done right.

Depending on your district or school, the TAs may be the most capable people to assist with some students. If it’s an option, consider having a TA help the general class from time to time while you concentrate on helping students with greater needs.

Please remember that these people have demanding jobs, too, and that you can’t always go to them with a request and expect immediate assistance, but when you really need them they can make all the difference.

I highly recommend that you get to know them and treat them well. (Snacks and thank you cards can go a long way!)

Hope this helps!



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  1. Hannah Haverkamp
    Posted November 2, 2017 at 11:30 pm | Permalink

    Gabe, I agree wholeheartedly! Support staff like custodians, administrative assistants, teacher assistants, are some of the most helpful people. My mother was an art teacher and her room was just across the hall from the custodian. On more than one occasion when she needed help or supplies, he was able to assist. Creating connections with others is important, and they have unique insights that will help you that much more!

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