The science event of the year

Even if your location is not in the path of the total solar eclipse, viewing a partial one is an amazing event. If you’re looking for safety tips, a refresher on the science of eclipses, classroom activities on the topic, or professional development, NSTA has many resources to assist.

Download the Observer’s Guide to Viewing the Eclipse

Check out ideas from others in the discussion forum or the Learning Center collection The Total Solar Eclipse of 2017

For young children, see The Early Years Blog Total Solar Eclipse on Monday, August 21, 2017!

Search for the topic Eclipses in SciLinks for grades 5-8 and 9-12

Start your Countdown to the Great American Eclipse with several articles in recent NSTA Journals:

If I were planning August professional development sessions, I would designate August 21 as Eclipse Day and focus on interdisciplinary teacher participation in this historic event. Of course, if your classes are in session then, you have an opportunity to view the eclipse with your students as a learning opportunity.


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    I am a student

  2. Luis
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    I am going to school on Monday and I am going to do a test on Earth Science

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