Discovering Science: teaching science and motivating students (acid rain, grades 4-5)

Think about it. Why would students be motivated to learn about acid rain if they don’t understand what it is and why it is a problem? It’s not difficult to motivate students when you have the right resources and tools to make a science concept authentic and relevant.

NSTA’s new “Discovering Science” lessons provide those tools with activities that engage students to solve problems, collaborate, and discover. The acid rain lesson invites students to experiment, observe the effects of acid rain on plants, and then write about it. Additional activities help you expand topics across the curriculum. (For example, let students read and analyze Chris Van Allsburg’s, Just a Dream.) Many students benefit from seeing connections between literature and science. Research indicates that giving student variety and choice in literature improves motivation. Use the list of books provided in each lesson to keep students motivated, engaged and learning.

Lesson Plan

Please take a look at the acid rain lesson plan for Grades 4-5.

Let us know how it worked in your classroom—we’d love to hear your comments and suggestions!

Image of boys sorting flowers courtesy of Carrie R. 

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