Discovering Science: learning to draw science (clouds, K-1)

Young children love science. For some, it may be the excitement of going to a science lab or the interesting activities they see or do. Science gives them an understanding of the world around them and makes concepts more concrete.

Consider NSTA’s “Discovering Science” lesson about clouds. Start the lesson by asking children to look out the window and observe the clouds. As you may imagine, children are already excited! After the lesson, discuss clouds and review facts about cumulus clouds. Have children draw a scene showing cumulus clouds. Research says that drawing to represent science learning is an important part of science education and an essential way of learning. It demonstrates keen observation skills and aids in understanding of concepts. Give students sufficient time to draw and color. Then ask them to describe cumulus clouds. Children will be delighted to show you what they know!

Lesson Plan

Please take a look at the clouds lesson plan for K-1 students. Let us know how it worked in your classroom—we’d love to hear your comments and suggestions!

Image of kids watching clouds courtesy of Vicki Watkins.


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