To our Chapter and Associated Group Leaders: HAPPY NEW YEAR!

So, another year, another set of goals (or resolutions) made. That goes for us at NSTA as well. Over the past few months, we’ve discussed lots of new ideas and projects to support our members and other constituents. I’ve focused on what will benefit our state chapters, associated groups and student chapters.  Resources that will help these leaders set a direction that will move their organizations forward.

During the fall conferences, our team (Howard Wahlberg, Ken Rosenbaum and myself) listened to a lot of teachers; they discussed their challenges both in and outside the classroom.  I know from experience that when you add running a small association (local, state or national) to that mix, those challenges are multiplied.

So, we’re wondering, what can we do to help? Here are a few ideas…some are already in the works; others we’re still batting around.

  1. Re-establish quarterly newsletters to the chapter and associated group leaders. This project is actually in the works and we hope to have the first edition in your e-mailbox by March.
  2. Frequent conference calls and webinars. In talking to a few chapter leaders in Districts I and II, they asked if we’d create a forum for them to come together more frequently to share ideas and network. We’re certain doing this in targeted regions across the country will help a lot of leaders.
  3. Creating a Chapter & Associated Group Resource Center on the NSTA website. As staff, we’re connected in more ways than one.  We receive great ideas from many of you; we also network with other association execs that do what we do.  We’ve collected and have access to content, templates, samples and just general information on an array of topics like membership, programming, social media, board relations and so on.  This knowledge needs to be centrally located and shared among all of you!

We have other ideas percolating as well, but these are just a few.  The main point we want you to remember: NSTA is here to support you!  Having strong, grassroots partner organizations is essential to supporting (and growing) this profession and NSTA is committed to do what we can to help!

What do you think we can do to support your efforts and strengthen your chapter or associated group? Add a comment below or e-mail us at

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  1. Kitchen Benchtops
    Posted January 13, 2012 at 3:49 am | Permalink

    This is more inclined to what I advocate

  2. Peggy Ashbrook
    Posted February 5, 2012 at 8:54 am | Permalink

    Science-interested early childhood educators have formed an interest forum within the National Association for the Education of Young Children, The Early Childhood Science Interest Forum (ECSIF). You can contact the facilitators at, and participate in the forum on the NAEYC website members only pages.
    Many of us are members of NSTA and we look forward to close collaboration with NSTA committees and individual members.

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