Educators share why they attended the conference

I’d like to share a few more comments from people who took the time to talk to me either after a session, in the exhibit hall, or on the bus. Thank you all for sharing your views on the benefits of attending the conference.

— Lynn Petrinjak

Brandy Welch

This is my first time coming to one of the NSTA conferences. I just wanted to get updated information. I was very interested in climate change. [It’s] one of the topics they (students) like to talk about…something to help motivate me to talk to my kids about when I get back to school.

Brandy Welch, Lafayette, LA

I think as far as what I’d like people to take out of it is an opportunity to think about their own instructional practice and make small steps, set some target goals, and try to improve their instruction on piece, one increment at a time.

As a presenter I hope to grow as much as everyone. I’m always looking to network more; I always enjoy the conversations with teachers around the nation. It’s fun to see the experiences and backgrounds as people come in. It helps me in professional development.

Jeff Marshall, presenter,
Clemson University

Jeff Marshall
Ware and Coleman
I am excited about the NSTA. I’m glad it was here in New Orleans. It’s such a warm place. The reason why I come is really for professional development training. I want to get all I can to be able to take back and put it to work in my classroom.
Brenda Ware, Bossier City, LA (left)
The conference has been great, the exhibitor workshops. I came expecting to come out with a little bit more knowledge about what it is that we do as teachers. Also, I’ve learned more, easier ways to go into the classroom so the kids can actually get what it is that we’re teaching; more effective ways and other tools that we’ve learned from each exhibitor here has been wonderful. It’s been great. And I like the free stuff.
Qualesia Coleman, Shreveport, LA (right)
NSTA’s are absolutely the best conferences to come to for getting the latest information, the latest ideas, the latest technology. A lot of time is spent right here in this room [the exhibit hall] rather than at the sessions, but I also had a special project this year because I’ve been asked to build a curriculum for the country of Cambodia. I’m here collecting ideas, getting commitments from a number of the companies and specialists to help me in that project.
Wayne Johnson, CA
Wayne Johnson
Bernard and LeBlanc
I’m here because I went to Atlanta about eight years ago and it was the most fabulous thing I’ve ever been to and I’ve been dying to go again. When it came so close, I couldn’t wait to get over here.
Jean Marie Bernard, Lafayette, LA (right)
I’m here to see just what’s out there and see what options we have for our program.
Amy Le Blanc, Lafayette, LA (left)
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